Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Rewa was standing near the window. There was a great silence in her house but her mind was in turmoil. Today a man was coming to meet her and after that he will approve her for marriage. She felt like cheating onVivek.

“Beta it’s been five years when Vivek left us. Since then you’re struggling alone. I can’t see my daughter suffering like this. You deserve a colorful life. Think about Khushi, she is just six. She needs a father. Life is not that easy beta.” Her mother-in-law Shailaja told her this many time before and this time she had to agree to meet this man.

At 4 pm. a handsome but a bit aged man arrived. He looked quite educated and decency clearly reflected from his body language. He looked mesmerized by Rewa’s beauty. After some formal talks she departed from there. From the next room, she could hear the conversation.

“Rewa is very beautiful. Who would not like to marry her?  But…”  He hesitated.

“What’s the matter beta?” Shailaja asked.

“Er… please don’t take it otherwise but, I don’t want her daughter to live with us. I hope you understand. She can live with you and Rewa could meet her whenever she wants.” The man said.

A hot swift current of anger ran through Rewa to hear such a shameless offer. His appearance and thought diverged completely. She immediately rushed to the drawing room.

“Excuse me Mr.… whatever you are, I don’t want to marry you. Leave this place right now.” Rewa said trying hard to conceal her anger and agony. 
 “Look Miss Rewa, Nobody will bother to take responsibility of your daughter. So be practical…”

“I don’t want anyone to take responsibility of my child. I’m still alive and I don’t need any support. You get lost immediately.”  Rewa objected vehemently.
Rewa was feeling ashamed of herself that how and why she agreed to marry again. Her heart filled with self aversion. She closed her eyes and tears crept from beneath them.

“Beta, your father and I can keep Khushi with us. You can…” Shailaja managed to say but her voice choked.

“I know maa, you’ll do anything for me but I can’t fill colors in my life keeping Khushi aside in darkness. How could you think that I would do this? Wouldn’t Khushi hate me for this? Do you want me to get married to a man who wants to marry me just because of my physical beauty? A man who does not want to take my responsibility? A man who has so cheap thinking? Please maa don’t force me. , I’m happy with you. Let me live with you and the memories of Vivek.” Rewa almost pleaded and tears rolled over her cheeks.

Shailaja’s eyes too filled with tears. She embraced her and was feeling proud of her daughter.

Prompt@: Three Word Wednesday (Educate, Object, Silence)


  1. Bravo. I love it and the bravery of Rewa and the love she bears her child. There is nobility here.

  2. I think this tell all about the values which define a mother..well siad..