Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Year Delight

Today Annie’s eyes were full of dreams. Her visage clearly reflected excitement and bliss. Her heart was getting impatient and could not wait to welcome New Year. Today was New Year’s Eve. Annie’s father got her a new dress. She was happy that, they will be celebrating New Year merrily.

Her mind traveled six days back when on Christmas, her home was filled with melancholy. Her father was ailing and so, he could not craft sculptures and could not go to sell them in market. All money spent in medicines. They anyhow managed to have their one time meal. She felt a twinge of remorse to see her friends chuckling with their family. She felt tantalized to see her friends flaunting gorgeous new dresses. Maria wore a beautiful pink dress with frills. And Sanaya looked stunning in bright yellow. She looked at her dress which was worn out. Her friends called her but, she refused. She cursed her poverty. Her face hung in dismay and eyes welled up.

“No problem, I’ll wear my new dress tomorrow.” Annie shrugged her misery off and looked at her red dress. “My dress is also good, not as beautiful as her friends but…” she smiled.

Her father was well now. He sold too many beautiful sculptures today and earned handsome money. Her mom promised her to make nice breakfast tomorrow. Sweet bread, honey, pancakes, milk cake… Ah! Her mouth watered. She could not sleep. She wanted to greet the new gleaming morning. Her relish was just one night far. Only a night from old to new! She hugged her new dress and a cute smile lingered on her innocent face.

Prompt@: Carry on tuesday (Only a night from old to new)


  1. A sad and very beautiful story! This little one treasures what she has!

  2. enjoyable words and nice to read

  3. Joys are more keenly felt by those who have experienced sorrows depth. Well done!