Sunday, December 12, 2010

Not waving but drowning

Ayesha was sauntering on the beach, the best way to cherish and relax. Roseate hues of sunset always seemed fascinating to her. Soothing breeze was fluttering her locks and giving her Goose bumps.  She was very happy as she won a swimming championship yesterday.

She remembered when she joined a swimming class. She was in 9th Std then.

“Girls can’t be a great swimmer. Swimming is meant for us. Girls are delicate creatures.” Mohit, one of her classmates said in mocking manner and all boys joined his laughter.

She felt insulted and gradually honed her swimming skills and today she considered it her biggest asset.

Suddenly, a boy waving from the sea caught her attention. “These boys would not lose any opportunity to flirt with girls.” She thought.

The boy dipped in and again jolted his hands ripping the water currents.

“Oh my God! He is not waving but drowning.” Her heart skipped a beat.

She ran towards him. After few minutes the boy was laying on the beach, and Ayesha, completely drenched, was pushing him from his back. As she turned the boy, she was startled to see Mohit. “How could a great swimmer like Mohit drown?” Her thought spilled out from her mouth.

Suddenly, an elderly woman appeared there. She was panicking and a wheel chair was standing beside her. The lady, who was Mohit's mother, told her Mohit’s painful story.

Three years back, an accident left him paralyzed from the right portion of his body. He got completely shattered and many a times wanted to end his life. Today, after many days he desired to go out and tried to attempt suicide.

Mohit regained his senses. He looked at the girl who saved her life.

“” He recognized her after few seconds and tried to utter her name.

“Yes...” Ayesha helped his mother to make Mohit sit on the wheel chair. “...And I think boys should be strong and a great fighter too.  Right?” Ayesha smiled.

Tears sprouted in Mohit’s eyes and hint of a weak smile appeared on his face.

 Prompt@ Carry on tuesday.
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  1. I like where you took this prompt. nice writing

  2. your image adds so much credit to your message.
    well done.

  3. A nice prose poem, Tarang. I like the way you captured the childrens thoughts about roles of the sexes.

    I tell Mrs. Jim regularly that she is a delicate creature. She is. :)

  4. beautiful story,

    sometimes, not all boys are strong.

  5. I truly thank you all for liking this post:)