Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bond of love

Vikas was busy in some office works when suddenly, his glance diverted from his file to Riya who was cuddled in the arms of Megha. He felt overwhelmed to see his daughter happy and being loved immensely but he felt pity for Megha.

Megha was his wife. His second wife. She was beautiful, caring and good natured but could not create any special place in Vikas’s heart as he could not forget his first wife Anuradha. She died while delivering his second child. Unfortunately his baby boy also died within a day. That was so painful. He lost his desire to live. How God could be  so merciless? Hadn’t he thought about those two little creatures? How could a six year old girl live without her mother? His friends and relatives suggested him several times to get married again just for Riya but he refused vehemently. How could he ever love another woman?

But loneliness and vulnerability of his daughter and constant pressures from his family compelled him to get married to Megha. She belonged to a poor family. An orphan. His uncle and aunt immediately married this burden when they hadn’t asked for a dowry. No matter he was 14 years older than her, was a widower and father of a seven year old girl.

He was worried about this relationship as he believed that rapport of a child and a step mother can never be healthy. But Megha ebbed away all his worries and blessed this house with a bliss and peace. But what he has done for her? What is her fault? She hasn’t come here by herself. He properly married her to look after her daughter and this home and she did a fantastic job without any error. The soul of Anuradha must be feeling content and delighted to see her daughter happy. What a man could ask for?

A sharp giggle broke his train of thoughts. Megha and Riya were laughing over something. Their blissful faces shimmered in the light of lamp. Perhaps Megha was reciting some funny story from her story book. It was a pleasant surprise for him that Riya relished the camaraderie of her step mother.

Every girl wants and deserves a happy married life. He was foolish not to understand the qualities of Megha. So imprudent not to understand the desires of that woman who loved her daughter like her own mother and cared for him without complaining about his feeling less neutral demeanor. She must get the love, care and her rights which she deserves. Suddenly, Vikas felt a deep urge to be with Megha and Riya. To relish the enjoyment together. To share love and happiness. He closed his file and proceeded towards his family with a new enthusiasm.

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  1. Oh yes, I do hope he gets involved with the both of them! Love grows with tender nurturing, like a garden. Really beautiful work.

  2. The warmth of those little figures carried through these words..and like VL I am glad there is much hope in the ending..Jae

  3. sounds like he's trying to open up his heart to his new wife.I hope he does she sounds like a wonderfully warm person.Great story

  4. Thank you so much Fear not...

  5. Thank you so much ThomG. I'm glad you liked it.

  6. Wonderful story Tarang. You capture your character beautifully. I wanted more.