Monday, April 11, 2011

'Obey your elders'

Image prompt@: Monday's Child

Mini, Tulu and Nikki bid goodbye to their parents then closed the door. Chilly wind was blowing outside. All of them desperately wanted to be outside. To play and to enjoy the weather.

“Staying at home is so boring. Isn’t it?” Tulu said crinkling her nose.

“Yeah, but mom and dad strictly instructed us not to go outside. Weather is not good you know.” Mini grew thoughtful.

“But I don’t think that weather is bad.” Nikki curled her lips. “See outside,” She continued. “It is so calm and cool. It would be so exciting to be out in such a fine weather.”  She chuckled looked outside with tantalizing eyes.

Mini was quite. “Let’s go outside to play.” Tulu announced. “What do you say Mini?”

“I don’t think so.” Mini looked befuddled. “Mom and dad said not to go outside. What if they come and don’t find us?”

“Oho Grand ma, we’ll be back in just an hour. Mom and dad are not going to return before three-four hours. We’ll be back by then.” Tulu said.

“Yeah, it will be a great fun.” Nikki sang in the same tune rising from the bed in excitement.

Mini was still apprehensive. Anyhow, her sisters managed to persuade her and cried in thrill. Before leaving Mini took her hat, locked the door and handed the key to Tulu instructing her to put it in the pocket of her jeans. They came out and let the velvety breeze stroke their faces.

They chuckled, ran and played cheerfully oblivious of everything.

Suddenly, the wind grew aggressive. It started to squall. The trees stirred fervently and gush of air and dust particles assailed their nostrils and eyes. Mini’s hat flew down by the pressure of wind. The wind was whipping their hairs back. They could not stand it and they all sat on the ground which was covered with dry leaves. It was the prelude to a heavy storm.  Their excitement evaporated.

“I told you not to get out but you all didn’t give a damn!” Mini shouted. “Now what we’re going to do?” Her sisters have no answer.

“Just sitting here is not the solution.” Mini said in commanding voice. “Let’s go and try to get home before mom and dad, otherwise we are going to face a tough time.” She suggested. Obeying her suggestion seemed a wise and only option.

Anyhow they stood, entwined their hands and advanced towards their home. But which way? They were utterly befuddled. They didn’t realize how far they came in excitement and how long it had been. They roamed here and there. It was getting dark and terror was clearly written on their faces.

“Where is the key?” Tulu shouted.

“What are you saying? I gave it to you.” Mini screamed back.

“It’s not in my pocket.” They exchanged a dismal glance. They all were on the verge of crying.

“We should obey the instructions of our elders.” Nikki said finally. “They told us that the weather is not good. Even Mini expounded.” Nikki was saying in bewilderment. Her voice unfettered.  Fat drops of tears rolled down her cheek.

Suddenly, a light flashed. They peered around and their face instantly lit with relief and happiness. All the fear vanished as they saw their parents coming out of the car. They ran and cuddled up to them. “Where have you been kids?” Their mother’s voice quivered.

“We are sorry mom.” They echoed together.

“We are really sorry. We dared to avoid your instructions and got our lesson.” Mini said wiping off the tears which strolled down her mother’s face.

Written for: Monday's Child
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  1. Charming 'adventure' story; and they don't get any better when they get older, the kids, they still take very little notice of advice from their elders.

  2. Beautifully written lesson, one I think all children feel they need to ignore, not understanding.

  3. Thank you so much Old Altonian & Reflections. I'm glad you liked it.

  4. I really enjoyed your take on the prompt.


  5. I thought it is an old style child story with a moralistic approach. Nice characters and a complete story.

  6. What a curiously naive style of writing that fitted the child like ideas of the adventure they were having. I could imagine in in a child's story book illustrated with the wind blowing and the storm approaching and the relief and thankfulness that their parents had found them. Very satisfying.

  7. Wonderfully complete story..Jae :)

  8. Thank you so much Oldegg & Jae:)

  9. hmm, thats good. definitely.

    and thank you for your comment

  10. Great story...they gave their parents a worry they no wonder they are so sorry....bkm

  11. Thanks a lot Sweet Pea & Signed...bkm.:)