Friday, August 5, 2011

Dose of good memories

The report card of 11th Std. was piercing his heart. Vineet worked hard but could not attain what he wanted. First position in his class! He knew this time his result was not going to be a paramount as his physics paper definitely went wrong but he never imagined sixth position in his class.

Mayuri, his very close competitor cocked her head in scorn as this time the ball was in his court. This time she managed to beat him. She stood first with 96% marks. Even Amit who never managed to stay in top five, stood 3rd. What he was going to say to his father who always expected best from him? It’s been two days when he got his report card but could not muster courage to phone his parents. His performance appeared a blunder.

Tears trickled down his cheeks without any warning. He was trying to shirk his depression but he failed here too.

Suddenly, something flashed in his mind. He wiped his tears, proceeded towards his closet and took out his piggy bank. He opened it and took out some papers. Yes, his piggy bank contained papers not money. He started to read them. Some of them were letters of praise and courage from his parents when he did outstanding performances in his studies. Some of them were the pleasant memories of his childhood. Some beautiful painting and poems reflecting his amazing talent. His lips cracked an innocent smile.

Once in his childhood he was very excited as he got a star from his teacher for an excellent painting he made. Her mother smiled and showered blessings on him, then folded that page and put it in his piggy bank. “This will be your savings. Your good memories. It will make you happy and will fill you with inspiration in future whenever you feel upset in life.” She said embracing him with love.

Heaviness lifted from his heart making him happy. He promised himself the best next time and he was determined. A dose of good memories made him trust his abilities again.

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  1. Fantastic Write Up Dear :) :) Most Inspiring & Motivating Write Up :) :)

  2. Absolutely brilliant and very inspiring tale. I think fair share of the credit should go to the loving parents. Loved it!

  3. Thank you so much Saras! Glad you liked it.