Wednesday, August 24, 2011

For the sake of humanity

Children are real gem of life. A child fills the home with mirth and melody and makes the life blissful. A child makes his parents feel complete. Couples without children suffer with certain agony, which can’t be described. They yearn for them and feel tormented.

And the couple who lose their child by any means….

Sabina was crying, and her husband was consoling her. “How many times I have to face this. I can’t take it anymore.” She said. “I want to kill myself.” Her cries turned into hiccups.

“Please Sabina! Never say it again. Have faith on God. He will definitely bless us with the fortune to have a baby someday.” He tried to console her but his own heart was bleeding with pain.

“Have patience bhabhi, God will shower his blessings on you.” Nirmala, their maid servant said and gave Prasad to Sabina.

The couple was yearning for a child. Every time the woman conceived, it turned out to be either a miscarriage or birth of a dead baby. It was really tormenting for them. One fine day Sabina gave birth to a baby boy and the couple was overwhelmed and that was the happiest day in their life.

Four to five days passed by. Sabina and her husband were enjoying their life with their new- born baby. They named him ‘Ibaadat’ as for them; he was a gift of God.

On the other hand, on the same day when Ibaadat was born, another couple in the hospital was in great grievance as someone stole their new- born baby. The couple was spending their days in anguish and searching for their child with the help of police. Meanwhile, Nirmala the maid asked for a leave saying that her mother was seriously ill.

The victim couple had published an advertisement in papers appealing to return their child, whosoever had stolen him. They also proposed money of 5 Lakhs and promised the identity a secret.

It’s been seven days when Sabina’s husband saw that advertisement and he got worried and tried to hide that from his wife. But eventually the Woman saw that advertisement and asked her husband the truth.

“Did I give birth to Ibaadat?” Sabina asked directly looking at her husband.

“Ibaadat is our son.” The man said fumbling and avoiding eye contact.

“He of course is, and he will be, but did I give birth to him? I have seen three dead babies of my own. I can endure the truth. Please tell me.” She said. Her eyes welled up.

“This time also you gave birth to a dead baby.” His voice choked with agony. “I couldn’t muster courage to tell you the truth. Nirmala said that she had arranged a baby from an orphanage, and it will cost 2 lakhs. But it seems…” He could not say anymore.

Here, the other couple was still in agony. The hospital found that a couple whose baby was born dead took a baby with them, and that was a matter of suspicion. The tormented couple, along with the police went to the home of Sabina but they found a big lock on their door. Their neighbor refused to accept that they could do any kind of forgery. The couple lost their hope.

When they returned home, harassed with their lost hope Sabina and her husband was waiting there with the child. It was so hard for them, but they could understand their pain. They put the baby in the lap of his real mother. She was so happy to find her son, as if she had got the entire world. Sabina refused to take the offered money saying that “Hamen sharminda mat kijiye. In aath dinon mein hame jo khushiyan mili hain, hum uske sahare hi zindagi kaat lenge.” (We have got loads of happiness in these eight days. That is enough for our entire life)

Now Sabina and her husband use to come to see Ibaadat (Yes, his real parent kept the same name) every week. Nirmala was arrested from her village as she stole the child and took two lakhs from Sabina’s husband in the name of orphanage.

The parents, who lost their child, were fortunate to get their baby back. What if Sabina, out of her developed emotion, would not have decided to handover the baby to his real mother?  In many cases, the lost baby could not be traced.

 This is a real story I watched in Crime Patrol on Sony Entertainment television.

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