Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lover's Cove Challenge!

I’m participating for the first time. I found this concept really interesting and creative! Participants have to continue the tale. My continuation after Swarnali’s line:

Strain, that gripped her heart and body, melted away. “Feelings don’t have switch on and off buttons. They need time to grow and blossom.” She thought.


  1. Very nice.. and so true, feelings don't have switch on and off buttons. I like it! Thanks for posting!!

  2. I'm glad you liked it Crystal. Thank you very much!:)

  3. Hello Tarang.
    Welcome to Lovers' Cove!
    Very nice continuation from Swarnali. I appreciate you taking part. Please keep checking back for later links and also click on those already in the never know who or what you might discover (smile). Once the challenge closes on Friday (or 30 links), I shall compile the final poem and then distribute it for sharing. If you have any of photos or artwork that I can use for the final poem, please let me know.
    Thanks again & see you soon!

  4. Thank you so much Andy! Glad you liked my attempt. Looking forward to reading the final poem:)

  5. Wow Tarang a wonderful attempt as it in perfect continuation with Swarnali's lines!!

  6. Wow!! I loved how you continued with my lines. The fact that feelings cannot be altered according to our whims and their spontaneity, so perfectly described :)

  7. @ Me: Thank you so much!:)

    @ Swarnali: Thank you very much!:)

  8. Dear Tarang,
    The final poem has been posted. Come see here...

    Lovers' Cove

  9. Hello again Tarang.
    I have a little gift for you to thank you for taking part in Challenge #2. Come see here...

  10. Thank you so much Andy David!:)


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