Friday, August 5, 2016

Tiny Pink Shoes

Misti was reading a tattered picture book, sitting on the floor while her mother cooked dinner nearby. Her three year old brother is playing with wrecked toys.

Misti was pretending to read but her entire attention was towards the corner of the house where rested this beautiful pink tiny brand new shoes. She had got it finally after waiting for months. No need to wear those torn pair of chappals.

‘How pretty these shoes are! Tiny blue butterflies, adorning them, looks like they’d fly anytime. Just like those colourful butterflies she tries to catch in the field.’ Misti thought.

Mother announced dinner and Misti closed the book, carefully arranging the disarrayed pages. Tomorrow is Durga Astmi, and Misti was very excited to wear her new shoes. She was so excited that she didn't mind eating dal and chapattis for the 20th time in the last 23 days.

She had preferred shoes over clothes as her mother couldn’t afford both. Her brother had got new clothes. And her mother? Nothing.

The next morning, Misti was up early. Her mother didn't need to wake her today. Dressed in a faded, starched blue frock and her new tiny pink shoes, she looked lovely.

“My frock matches these blue butterflies, no, mother?” she asked her mother, pointing towards tiny butterflies stitched on her shoes. Her mother just smiled. A sad smile.

The temple was pretty crowded today, smelling of incense and crushed flowers. Chants and tinkling bells sounded soothing. Misti took her shoes off  and kept them in a corner. She followed her mother who carried her brother in her arms, putting her feet carefully over the messy floor.

After offering prayers to Durga Ma, they came out with Prasad in their hands. Excited to go to the fair next, Misti headed towards the corner where she had kept her shoes.

“Where are my shoes?” she shrieked.

“I can’t find them anywhere,” she yelled after searching them everywhere as her eyes filled with tears.

I am participating in BlogAThon Challenge. (Today's Theme: Tiny Shoes)


  1. Aww, poor little darling! So sad she had to lose her darling new shoes! Beautifully done Tarang, I felt as outraged and upset as little Misti.

  2. Nooo...I don't want Misti to lose her tiny shoes like this. :-( Poor little thing. But this makes me realise how many such tiny souls must have been hurt like this. Loved your take on the prompt. :-)

  3. Aww! Poor baby! Losing what she was eyeing for soo long is heart breaking! A fab take on the prompt, Tarang!

  4. @ Kala: Thank you so much for such a nice comment!

    @ Tulika: Hmm...

    @ Rekha: Glad you liked it. Thanks.

    @ Shilpa: Thank you so much!