Monday, January 10, 2011

A walk in the park

“Bahu (Daughter-in-law) put some more ghee (Butter) on the chapatti of Monu.” Savithaji called for Tavishi.

“But Maaji, I’ve put it already.” Tavishi said peeping from the kitchen.

“Where’s the butter? The whole chapatti is dry. Give some more.” Savitha commanded.

Tavishi poured some ghee on the chapatti unwillingly.

“See, my son has become so weak.” Savitha stroked Monu’s hair and kissed his chubby cheeks.
“Not weak, but he is becoming bulky at this tender age” Tavishi thought but could not utter a word in front of her mother-in-law.

 Lunch was almost ready when Monu returned from school. Tavishi got angry to see him groping in the nearly empty packet of potato chips in his hand.

“Why did you buy this? Your eating habit has become so weird Monu.”  She scolded him.

“Now you don’t jump on my child” Savita came instantly in the rescue of her grandson.

Tavishi served rice, dal and green vegetables in the lunch.

“I don’t want to have this. Make me some noodles.” Monu poked his food.

“No! This is not the time to eat noodles. Have your lunch peacefully.” Tavishi almost shouted.

“No! Then bring me Pizza or burger.” Monu said loudly.

“Monu! Keep your volume low. Green vegetables and pulses are good for health. You should have this.”

“No! Gran’ma, I don’t want to have this.” Monu was getting bolshie.

“If he does not want to have this then, make him some noodles. But only today Monu.” Savitha said without distracting her glance from the television.

Tavishi noticed that this bizarre eating habit was growing gradually and so was his demeanor. He spent maximum of his time on the computer and cartoon network. Whenever Tavishi wanted, he was not available to talk to her. She was much tensed as Monu was on the verge of getting obese.  Suddenly, something flashed in her mind.

Next evening, Monu was playing a video game. She asked him to come with her. Initially, he resisted but later he agreed.

“Where are we going?” Monu asked on the way.

“We are going to take a walk in the park.” Tavishi said smiling.

“In the park?” Monu was perplexed.

As Tavishi entered the park, a gush of velvety breeze whispered a song of peace in her ears. Her curl fluttered on her cheeks. Lush green leaves of arrayed trees were dancing. Varieties of flowers were adding colors. Springing fountain were looking beautiful and making the breeze fresher. She wondered why she never felt the serene aura of this beautiful park situated in her location.

“Maa you know, there’s a sports competition in my school.” Suddenly Monu said.

“Really! So are you participating?”


“Why? I think you should participate in the extra curricular activities in your school.”

“Really! You think so. Then I’ll bring the form tomorrow.” Monu’s face lit with instant pleasure.

Visiting the park every evening has become their habit. Monu used to play various outdoor games with his friends in the park. Shared his ramblings with his mother. Sometimes, he did cycling there. His involvement with T.V and computer has lessened, and he has become more active. Gradually, Tavishi observed a nice change in Monu’s conduct and she loved it.  Now she started to feel relaxed.


  1. "“Now you don’t jump on my child” Savita came instantly in the rescue of her grandson." Family dynamics are unique around the world. I really did want to smack Savita. Tavishi's cleverness saved the day.

  2. Nothing like walking in the park to heal relationships and strengthen the body too. I'm glad she saw a way to make it work.