Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Mini stopped a taxi after coming out from the Mumbai VT.  Her visage was grim and tensed. After putting her luggage in it, she almost threw herself on the seat. The taxi ran towards her destination and her mind, somewhere else.

She is a successful fashion designer and works for a prestigious company in Mumbai. Few days back she had to rush her home town Kanpur, as her mother was unwell.  When her mother Sumitra recovered a bit, she started to nag in an acquainted manner about Mini’s marriage and her job.

“Beta, why don’t you come back home?  Search for a new job here.”  Sumitra said lovingly.

“Maa, finding a job is not so easy”

“Why not? You studied in NIFT Mumbai and you’re so talented. You can get a job anywhere. I keep worrying about you as you live alone in such a big city and too far from me.” Sumitra looked really worried.

“Maa please, don’t start again. I work with a big brand there. I can’t get such an opportunity in this town. I’m not a kid. So what I live alone? There are many girls live there to shape their future from different towns and adapted themselves in that life style.” Mini said irritably.

After a pause Sumitra said again “We are searching a suitable groom…”

“Oh! Not again. I don’t have time for these frivolous affairs.”

“Marriage is not a frivolous affair. You’re running 28. It is also important”

“Not important for me. At least not right now. I am trying to establish my career.”

“You can continue your career after marriage”.  Sumitra tried to convince her.

“After marriage? Huh! Maa please don’t lecture. You are married for 30 years, what have you done in your life? Cooking and bringing up children? I don’t want this kind of life. I want to establish myself as a businesswoman.”

“Mini!” Her father screamed. “Don’t you think due to her nice bringing up you are in this position? What she had done for you…”

“Oh! I am beholden to her for her kindness. But let me tell you one thing that my designation is due to my talent. Every parent does this to their children and she is not an exception.” Mini was raging with fury.

“Mini! Behave yourself.” Her father shouted again.

“Damn! I am sick of her and her nagging all the time.” She stomped out of the room.

A jerk interrupted her train of thoughts. The taxi was standing in front of her flat which she shared with two other girls. As she entered her flat her flat mates Tara and Riya chuckled and started to search for edibles which Mini’s mother sends every time. Mini wore a wan smile.

After taking shower she went to her bed. She couldn’t resist thinking about her mother. She knows her mother loves her and is simply worried about her daughter like every mother. Next day she was in no mood of going anywhere but she had to. She can’t afford to extend her leave further. She convinced herself that keeping herself busy would be a wise option for distracting her distressing thoughts and unwillingly she headed for her office. Next 2-3 days were terribly hectic as there was lots of pending works to do.

On Sunday she felt relieved as it was a day of no work. After lunch, she lied on her bed and memories of her encounter with her mother assailed her thoughts. She had been so rude to her mother. Perhaps she is forgetting her roots and values in the dazzle of success. Yeah, she had been very rude to her mother. She’ll call her and say sorry to her loving mother. Mini thought. Suddenly, her heart filled with love and warmth for her mother and she longed for her affectionate hug.

She didn’t know when she slipped into slumber.  A loving stroke in her hair interrupted her sleep.  She couldn’t believe her eyes as she saw her mother ruffling her hair smoothly. Her eyes were filled with care and a serene smile lingered on.

“Maa! How come you are here?” Mini’s eyes widened in disbelief.

“Why? Can’t I come to see my daughter?”

“Oh of course, but just five days before I came from home.” Mini was confused.

“Yes, but I terribly wanted to see you. My daughter is angry with me. Beta, that is concern which you call nag. I love you and I just care for you. Every mother wants to see her daughter happily married.” Sumitra’s eyes were filled with tears of anguish.

“I love you too maa, I’m so sorry for my disrespectful conduct. I hurt you. Please forgive me.” Mini’s eyes were welled up.

“Mother always forgives her child. Don’t worry and forget it. Everything will be fine.”  After a pause she said “You look tired. You need a sound sleep. Just close your eyes.” Sumitra’s soft hand glided on Mini’s head tenderly, which she did when mini was a kid.  Today mini loved it and again sleep claimed her.  All the tension was gone and her countenance was relaxed.

Mini woke up refreshed; a glance at wall clock told her it was The dusk was falling. She could see the mesmerizing roseate hues in the sky.  Suddenly, her heart skipped a beat and she jumped on her bed.

Tara entered with two mugs of coffee.

“You slept like a log.” Tara said.

“Where is maa?” Mini asked looking around.

“Maa? Whose maa?”

“My mother came in the afternoon.”

“Are you still dreaming Mini? What’s wrong with you?”

“No, she was here. She talked to me.” Mini emphasized each word.

“Are you crazy? Nobody has come. And why would your mother come? You just returned from your home?” This time Riya was saying.

“No! She was…” Mini was perplexed and was feeling restless.

“Oho, get up. Take a splash, have a cup of coffee and you will be fine.” Tara said.

Mini proceeded towards the bathroom. Suddenly her phone rang. She picked up her phone with urgency as it was from home.

“Mini di…” Her brother was sobbing that side. “Maa is no more...”

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  1. Could guess the ending! Nevertheless, a very touching story with lovely narration.

  2. This story made me cry as I knew right away what had happened. wonderfully written and so true to what can happen.
    My grandmother who I was very close to was moved far away from me into a nursing home by my Uncle I had no access to it since I didn't have a car at the time.When she died suddenly I felt guilty and I finally fell asleep the next morning after the news. I awoke to my grandmother stroking my hair and telling me she loved me that it wasn't my fault that she had died. Then in an instance she faded away and was gone. I told my Dad I had something weird happen to me and he said my mother came to you too! She had also come to him.He described her exactly as I had seen her, I think she came because we both needed to say goodbye without guilt.

  3. Thanks Saras.

    @Sheilagh: I can’t believe it had happened to you! I have written this story purely out of my imagination.
    It was really sad but it’s touching that she came to meet you.

    As a writer, I’m glad that I managed to evoke such feeling in you.

  4. I got so caught up in the story I forgot this was for 3WW it was the sweetest little story too bad for the ending, I wish all moms could visit their child one last time like that...

  5. Nice story. Thanks for sharing.

  6. that was so poignant :(
    very powerful narration... Good job tarang !!

  7. Solid, good-use-of-detail write. =)