Monday, November 14, 2011

Who was she?

                                                            Image @ Magpie Tales

A piercing screech penetrated the silence of dark night. Anu got up with a jerk as she saw Kanak rushing inside the hostel room, shrieking. Kanak was trembling with fear as she hastily closed the door.

'What happened?' Anu asked. Bewildered, she looked at the clock. It showed 2 am.

'There...there...' Kanak couldn't speak as she was panting hard.

'There what?' Anu's confusion was growing. She got up from the bed. Kanak's face was read white with fear.

'There's the patio,' Kanak stuttered. She sat on her bed and hugged her knees.

“What rubbish are you talking?”

'No…not rubbish. I saw a girl there. She wore a flowing white gown, and her hair...her hair was ruffled.' Kanak was turning breathless as she tried to explain. 'When…when I asked who she is, she swirled around and said nothing. Her face was…my god, her face was white and her eyes….her eyes…' Kanak left her sentence.

Before Anu could said anything, the door started to pound. There was a clamor outside. So many voices were calling their names. She opened the door hastily. Almost every girl of the hostel, watchman and the hostel warden were standing outside the door, wearing questioning visages.

'But I haven’t seen anyone entering?' The watchman joined his eyebrows in perplexity.

'She was a ghost damn it!' Kanak shrieked.

'Oh, shut up Kanak. You’re a modern, college student, and still you believe in this rubbish?' the hostel warden said in irritation.

'But madam…'

'Guard Ji,' The Warden ignored her and called the watchman strictly. 'Search every nook and corner of this building. Someone must be trying to frighten us.'

The guard looked at Kanak and departed nervously with his wooden rod. After exploring the building for a few minutes he came back, informing no traces of anyone. All the girls sat together in the room. Perplexed.

Suddenly, a woman wearing brilliant white fluffy gown slowly entered the room. Her face was white and deep kohl made her eyes look terrible. A combined scream spilled out in fear. Kanak started to tremble again.

'Stop everyone!' she said. Then looked at Kanak. 'Kanak...sorry. Actually…' the girl anyhow managed to mutter.

'Rosie?' The warden shouted and all the girls peered carefully.

'Yes ma’m. I’m Rosie,' she said meekly.

'Why did you scare Kanak and disturbed our sleep and peace of this hostel?' The warden demanded. 'Do you have any idea how scared Kanak and all the girls are?' the warden said. 'What's all this?' She pointed at her face.

'Sorry ma’m but I did not want to frighten her. I was going to the bathroom when I heard her voice and it frightened me terribly. Before I could say anything she shouted and ran from there.' Rosie explained.

“Why your face is white?'

'My face is full of pimples, so I’ve applied sandalwood paste.' She looked at Kanak who was still looking at her. Baffled. 'Sorry Kanak.'

'Please clean your face and manage your hair. You actually look umm …' The warden could not complete her sentence and laughed aloud and girls also joined her. Kanak also couldn’t help smiling at this weird situation. Finally, terror faded away in the amusement.

This kind of situation occurs in our life sometimes when fear conquers our conscience, and we start to think irrationally.


  1. haha...always an explanation...and this one rather humorous...

  2. It started Stephen King and ended with it!

  3. The ending surprised me. I was expecting mayhem, but you delivered humor. Well done. A very enjoyable read.