Saturday, June 16, 2012

Voice and style of conversation

Nice voice and smart style
Of conversation, reflect
Your grace and wisdom

Just imagine, you are in a party. Your wandering eyes land on a very good-looking person, wearing nice outfit and beautiful smile. Someone introduces you to that attractive person and you feel good as you get a chance to talk to him/her. But as he/she opens his/her mouth you seem to face a googly.  Poorly accented, (I mean improper/absurd pronunciation) loud voice! A big put off! His/her outer appearance fades.

Have you ever got impressed by someone's voice and style of speaking; someone whom you haven’t seen? A nice voice and smart style of conversation impress.

Recently, I saw a nice woman talking over the phone as she came out of her house and started sauntering on the road. She was talking so loudly that the entire surrounding must have heard what she was talking about.

Style of conversation are one of the most striking traits anyone can have among all the good things in their personality. The way you speak defines your level of confidence. 

Some people have a habit to twist their mouth and wave their hands too much while talking. It is distracting. Check your volume and body language while speaking. Fidgeting and expressing your point in a loud voice is not going to make your point powerful and impressive. You can express impressively in a confident and composed voice. Your style of conversation reflects your personality and knowledge. To build a good communication skill, we must learn to use correct pronunciation, natural accent and appropriate words while conversing.

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  1. lovely haiku ~ have learned many 'present well' but it is only the surface of the person ~ just my thoughts, thanks, ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

  2. I am very impressed with thoughtful words and manners ~

  3. Lovely write up and haiku :) very true :) I myself have experienced them all... :) thanks for sharing :)

  4. we all need to be aware of our impact on others, but I took a bit of offense regarding the issue of 'poorly accented' ...... I have a thick Bostonian accent - I am sure that is not what you meant! I totally agree about loud and crass individuals, though,,,,,interesting haiku

  5. @ Carol: :) Thanks!

    @ Grace: Thanks!:)

    @ Maharukh: Thank you!:)

    @ Joanne: No Joanne, I didn't mean that. I mean in order to gain some specific accent; some people speak unnaturally resulting in improper pronunciation. I hope you understand and don’t mind.
    Thank you:)

  6. Beautiful Excellent Write Up!!!!!

  7. Loved it - manners and mannerisms are something which is always missed out by most people in their behaviour.

  8. Long commentary was a testimony for success with wisdom, nice haiku!

  9. @ Creativity: Thank you!:)

    @ Me: Thanks!:)

    @ Judith: Thanks!:)

    @ Jaideep: Thank you!:)

  10. Very true haiku and awesome explanation Tarang!

  11. The body language speaks a lot about a person.

  12. It is all bout thought, speech and action Tarang... lovely read..

  13. @ Valli: Thank you very much!:)

    @ Haddock: Yes, you're right:)

    @ Tarun Mazumdar: Thank you!:)

  14. yes totally agree.. lovely haiku Tarang :)