Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Chilling Population

It’s chilling January. Standing in the balcony of my friend’s apartment, stuffing my hands in the pocket of my over-coat, I notice a tiny house.

I watch four children of different age frolicking around. A young married woman is washing clothes in the open bathroom (Situated outside the house). Two teenage girls are sitting together, playing with a baby who is gurgling amidst the lot of old ragged clothes while their mother is making chapattis on a smoking hearth situated outside the house.

As the mother finishes making two chapattis, children encircle her, and they all take small bites of chapatti (With some chutney) from a common plate.

An elderly man is sitting on a chair with a grim expression, watching them. My friend says he is the guard of the newly constructed apartment nearby. I am utterly shocked when my friend says that the elderly couple sleeps in the parking area as they all don’t fit in that tiny house.

I can’t help thinking about them. I wonder how different their lives could be if the elderly couple had produced just two or maybe three children? 

At this point of time, I recall those unsolicited advices of our so-called Indian saints to produce four or five children. They all belong to some popular political parties. Haven’t they seen a different realistic face of India where measly income tries to feed several empty stomachs and cannot fit them in a tiny house? Strange! I suggest them to think about basic problems first.

Even though they are saints, they need to learn the gist of life and survival and several people, in this so-called modern era, badly needs to be taught about population control.


  1. Four is a huge number to feed, sadly how would they know. Suggesting it from their cosy places and with their hands full.

  2. Very nice point you have brought here and those politicians are no " saints". The real meaning of saint is lost somewhere.