Monday, December 29, 2014

Best Friend

I am Aashi. A 13 year-old girl. I live in a boarding school. I remember I was very upset when my parents announced that I was going to study in a boarding school. Over these years I have realised the importance of friends, especially best friend.

But what if your best friend lies to you? Secretly develops a competitive attitude and refuses to help?

Misha and I connected immediately and became best friends. Now, the entire school knows about our friendship.

That night I couldn't concentrate on my studies. I was looking at Misha, who was engrossed in finishing her homework. She looked at me once, smiled casually and resumed her studies.

The bell rang, and commotion replaced the silence.
"Let's go." Misha said and headed towards the door. I didn't move. She returned back. "What happened? It's dinner time. Let's go," She held my hand and almost dragged me.

In the dining hall, everyone chatted and laughed but I was feeling lost and restless. Had I done something that I was not supposed to do? Something wrong? My mind raced few hours back. Fifth period was Ryan Sir's General Knowledge class. He has a unique pattern of teaching. He conducts quiz every third day. He asks a question one by one until someone answers it correctly. He praises when someone answers correctly. Everyone tries hard to impress him.

"How long does it take for the light from the sun to reach the earth?" He asked. No one could answer. It was Misha's turn. She stood silent, looking down at the desk. Sir was clearly annoyed.

After the class, when we were heading the hostel, she said. "I was expecting that answer from you."

I knew it. That's why she was looking down at the desk. We often helped each other in such a condition by scribbling the answer in our notebooks when any of our friends were looking down at the desk.

"I didn't know the answer." I lied. She curled her lips in dismay. Actually, the next turn was mine and I wanted to impress Ryan Sir with my smart answer. But my turn didn't come. When Misha could not answer, Ryan sir answered the question for us, and curtly advised us to concentrate and study sincerely. I was utterly disappointed but later I felt thankful.

"What's wrong with you? Are you feeling okay? Misha shook me back to the present. I just nodded.

"She is looking lost today," Deepti commented.

Back in our room, while we were preparing to sleep, I called Misha. She came right away and sat next to me with a questioning yet relaxed glance. I was jealous of her relaxed mind. I couldn't carry that baggage any more.

"Today, I lied to you," I said. She frowned. "I knew the answer today. I didn't help you because...because I wanted to impress Ryan Sir," I vented out my restlessness. She looked utterly disappointed and sad. She said nothing. She switched off the light and went to sleep.

I kept thinking about it for a long time then slowly slipped into the slumber. Next morning, when I woke up she was not in the room. I was feeling ashamed, and thought that our friendship had lost its trust. It was perhaps over.

After a while, Misha rushed into the room and came straight to me. "Come, it's breakfast time," She held my hand as if nothing had happened.

"You are not angry with me?" I asked meekly.

She looked at me for a while then said, "I was but if someone feels disturbed and restless after telling a lie, it means that person is true at heart. And I could see that you were really disturbed," So thoughtful and insightful! I thought.

"Thank you and I am really sorry," I truly was!

"It's okay. I love your honesty!" She said and smiled.

That day, I realised that honesty and truth are priceless and bring so much relief.

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