Thursday, January 20, 2011

Love at first sight

Jai was roaming in the market to fetch some cheapest stuff for him. Life had never been easy for him. His shoulders held the responsibilities of his family at the very tender age after the sudden death of his father. Sick mother, a young sister and a brother. He could not afford to think about himself. It’s been ten years fulfilling all his responsibilities. It was difficult to survive in a big city with his ordinary salary. Anyhow, he managed to marry off his sister. His brother too settled as well as the circumstances allowed him and shifted to another city. Two years back his mother left this world creating a void in his life.

Now, he wanted some time exclusively for him. He was sick of his loneliness and needed a companion to with, he could share his feelings. Suddenly, a melodious giggle caught his attention. His heart did a flip as his eyes rested on the most beautiful face he had ever seen in his life. A divine face. Supple glowing skin and perfect features. Her big and deep eyes were suffused with innocence. Long lustrous hair rested carefully at her waist. A sunglass held her curls. This sight seemed surreal. She was supervising a leather bag. She chose a perfect piece and took out a thousand rupee note from her already nice bag. After that, she headed towards a stall which carried some silk stoles. Jai inexplicably followed her. He could not take his eyes off her. It seemed “love at first sight” for him. His lonely heart started to weave a dream.

The girl groped in her bag and took out an expensive blackberry mobile.  Suddenly, Jai felt an urge to change his mobile. Her pink lips moved beautifully as she talked over the phone. The chat seemed to continue longer as she tilted her head to support her mobile and again searched something in her bag. She took out another thousand rupee note and collected some beautiful stoles. Jai’s courage descended to the bedrock level. Encumbered with so many packets, she walked forward. Jai could not resist following. She stopped in front of a big, black luxury car and hopped in and her friends joined her.

Something broke inside. His broken lonely heart whispered “Having this angel in your life is surreal. Kill your emotions and descend from the path of love. At least for now.”
A painful smile lingered on his face, and he headed towards his second hand bike.

Prompt@: 3WW (Descend, Kill, Surreal), Theme Thursday (Flip).