Sunday, April 24, 2011

Someone Special!

When the one whose hand you’re holding,
Is the one who holds your heart
Life seems elating.

When the one who you yearn to have a glimpse of,
Is the one who could not take his eyes off you
Life seems thrilling.

When the one who you desire to cosset in your arms,
Is the one who protect you in his warm embrace
Life seems pleasing.

When the one whose thoughts never leaves you,
Is the one who keeps thinking about you
Life seems exciting.

When the one who you trust immensely,
Is the one who bears indelible faith on you
Life seems enlivening.

When the one whose absence makes you vulnerable
Is the one who can’t bear to see you cry
Life seems shining.

When the one who you want to be with always,
Is the one who becomes yours forever
Life seems a blessing.

Written for: Carry on tuesday


  1. Thank you Tarang for taking otu time to visit my blog and for your comments. Your poem is just awesome. So beautifully expresses the feelings of a person in love.

  2. Thank you so much Radhika!:)

  3. A big, shining poem Tarang..great piece..Jae :)

  4. This a beautiful sentiment. Love is most lovely as a two-way street!

  5. Thank you so much Jae & honeyhaiku. I'm glad you liked it.:)

  6. Love is shining in your poem as well as in his eyes.

  7. moving piece.
    the image takes my breath away.

  8. Love is so beautiful, so precious may you never be without it. Great sentiments in the poem.

  9. I truly thank you all for such nice & valuable comments. I'm glad you all liked it!:)

  10. A sweet poem about how true love makes life so much better!

  11. A touching, insightful, sensitive piece. Thanks.

  12. Lovely poem. You used more than the 'three little words', but it all adds up to I Love You!

  13. Thank you so much Old Altonian. Glad you liked it.

  14. So very true & what a great pic. So simple yet so awesome! Stop in & read True Love

  15. Thanks Upinthecosmos for stopping by and appreciating my creation.

  16. Life seems all of those things when in the company of the right person!

  17. So very true and beautifully expressed :)

  18. @Kim: Yes, you're right. Thanks!

  19. Thank you so much Cynthia. I'm glad you liked it.