Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Tears are expression of sorrow (I wonder how tears can be expression of happiness also as people say “Khushi ke aansoo or tears of happiness”)
Tears. They seem a symbol of weakness. People couldn’t control their tears only when they feel weak inside and couldn’t control their emotions. But it seems really irritating to me when some people cry for trivial or every small reasons. Many people cry while watching emotional scenes in any movie or reading emotional sequence of a book. An adult know that a film or fiction is not reality and crying over a fabricated sequence is really childish, still they cry over them. Why? Because they feel extremely moved and are unable to control their emotions. Some people cry for every disappointment in their life. Because they feel weak inside and think that life is hopeless. This attitude definitely is a weakness.
But, in life, there can be some extreme critical issues and situations that can make even a strong person cry and that is absolutely normal and justified.
How you feel after crying your heart out? Light. Relaxed. Tears might be the symbol of weakness but sometimes after crying alone, without any interruption can lighten your worries and give you strength. Shedding every bit of your tears over a nuisance can make you understand that – it’s no use crying over spilt milk and finding a new way is the better option.
People often say “Don’t cry” and try to convince a person even in a very serious situation. I prefer to let them cry. If your heart is in deep sorrow, you should not stifle your emotions. It will only enhance your pain. Cry your heart out. Shed every bit of your tears leaving no room for further sadness. Tears can cleanse your eyes and your soul. It can lighten your mind so that you can see a new path ahead.

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  1. I liked this post as it allowed each of us to question our own tears. Certainly they are our release mechanism to relive our own experiences and to remember love and pain and joy and to regret the loss of someone especially dear to us..

  2. Each one has his own ways to deal with situations in life. And I think they are OK as long as it helps them to deal with it.

  3. ya, crying makes me feel light..:P

    1. Same here, though I don't cry easily:)