Thursday, January 3, 2013

Love your family, work and environment...

This post is again for Wish List Wednesdays, a creative prompt provided by Preeti Shenoy. Her fourth book The Secret Wish List by Westland has been released and doing really good.

Today's prompt is: I wish everyone loved....

You might have seen many cases on news channels or sometimes in your society when people don't care about their parents or sometimes they even discard them when they become old. Those parents who were so loving and caring. Who preferred their children's smiles and happiness to their own convenience. It's strange that even some siblings tends to lose the innocent bond of love when they grow up!

Some husbands don't care for their wives,those who sacrifice a lot to be with their life partner. Sometimes they're even careless towards their children.

Some family (members) don't bother to think lovingly or sensibly for a new girl who comes to mingle with them affectionately with lots of expectation, but they expect from her a lot.   A man who thinks his wife must care for his family with pure dedication but doesn't give any importance to his wife's family. Sometimes it's vice versa.

I wish everyone loved their families. Everyone must return the expected love, care and importance.

What about living in a clean and peaceful environment, surrounded by lush greenery? It's a bliss and we all love it. But to create such environment we should love our environment.  But you might have seen many people who don't care where they are throwing the garbage. They just want to clean their houses. Planting lots of trees and keeping your surrounding neat & clean is a nice way to make our environment blissful.

It is said that 'love what you do and do what you really love'. Whatever you say, overall, everyone should love their work. Work is an integral part of anyone's life. It needs discipline and it often fills people with frustration and tensions on daily basis. If you enjoy what you do, then work doesn't feel like botheration rather it gives you pleasure. It leads you to the road of success. It never makes you anxious, though you may have to work really hard. You seldom lose your composure while working and save yourself from bombarding people with anger and irritation. And being happy and spreading happiness is one of the best things you can do in your life!

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  1. Enjoying our work really brings out a lot of positivism ... well said !!!

  2. Good wishes to have...I share them.

  3. Such a thoughtful wish Tarang, I wish each one of us thought like this and spread more love. It would have made the society such a wonderful place to be in!

  4. @ Green Speck: Thank you!:)

    @ Janice: Thanks!:)

    @ Me: Very true! Thank you!:)

  5. Great wishes for one to wish for. I get so mad when I see someone throw trash out of there car and I just want to throw it back in there with them. So sad that they are disrespectful of everyone else who has to see their trash. And protecting nature should be very important to everyone because we need nature in order to live.

    I also feel so sad when someone hates their job. They say that when you love your job then you are not really working, you are just doing something you enjoy. I think sometimes it is just how someone looks at their job as to whether they like it or not. I have always tried to find something to like about my jobs because that made the other things easier to do.

    Thank you for sharing this with this weeks Theme Thursday. We are beginning a new year and so here we go again, many new prompts in which to find inspiration for our joy in writing. Have a blessed weekend.

    God bless.

  6. You're right Mrsupole! Thank you! Best Wishes...:)

  7. People sometimes argue "We should love, but we shouldn't expect it back, because love is selfless"
    A relationship doesn't survive if love is one sided and if one have to compromise all the time. I wish we all give love and take love :)

  8. nice to meet you here TS :) this one made a good read as usual! :)

  9. @ Valli: Well said! Thanks:)

    @ Sanjana Pareek: Same here:) Thank you!:)