Monday, April 7, 2014

Book - Review: Things Your Mother Never Told You About Love by Juhi Pande

Generally, I'm not interested in non-fiction but the title "Things Your Mother Never Told You About Love" was so catchy that I had to read this!

"Forget Algebra, love can be the hardest, most complicated thing on the earth."

Things Your Mother Never Told You About Love by Juhi Pande (Random House India) is an interesting and unique take on naive and a slightly confused state of young mind and heart. It deals with the emotion, a person experiences in tender, carefree age and the way it progresses with time and maturity.

The book is divided in 18 chapters, each one, telling about the gradual growing thoughts and enlightenment. Some little snippets may remind you of your childhood days. But some portions could be childish for a mature reader. 

The narration is very light and easy going. Sometimes it's insightful and factual, sometimes a bit dull and sometimes humourous. 

Some chapters are beautifully written and described especially the last chapter 'Love' (Obviously!) 

Don't plan falling in love
Don't question falling in love

"The beauty of love lies in the fact that it can't quantified. Since it's tangible, without a gauge, you have to rely on your guts!"

But considering the type of book, the book cover is very plain, dull & boring. It could have been more vibrant and interesting.

Overall, for me, it was a quick and different read. The writing style is light and interesting. I'd say, it's a kind of book every teenager should read!

I received this book from Random House India for an unbiased review. Thanks!

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