Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Book-Review: Sita's Curse by Sreemoyee Piu Kundu

Finished "Sita's Curse" by Sreemoyee Piu Kundu, (Ex- Lifestyle Editor) (Hachette India).

Well, this was my first erotic novel. Initially, I thought it was a mythological book but the blurb claimed it to be a contemporary story about a married woman who finds herself trapped in a loveless marriage.

'So, this novel has a thoughtful story' I thought and decided to read.

Sita's Curse tells the story of Meera Patel, a Gujarati girl who shares deep and somehow eccentric bond with her twin brother Karthik. Later, she is married to a cruel man until one day she finally breaks free...

Well, for me, it is a difficult book to review and I'm still trying to choose appropriate words to review this book. The book does have a story but I didn't understand the idea of breaking free after 15 years of loveless marriage as Meera is sexually 'very' active since her early age (It's erotic. Mind it!) much before her marriage.

Marriage is not just about sex. It's about emotional bond, care and companionship. But this story entirely focuses on physical desires. I don't know if it is justified for an erotica but sex sequences are very-very frequent and filthy. One can cringe in disgust.

The story generates interest sometimes but basically it's murky. I kept searching some delightful moments but I couldn't find any, not even in Meera's childhood. There is no trace of innocence.

Narration of the story is otherwise nice but it's flooded with unnecessary ellipses and half sentences which make the flow disturbing and somehow annoying. Characters are nicely sketched but I don't understand the title 'Sita's Curse'  for this story.

Overall, for me, it was annoying, murky and depressing. It was disappointing considering the reviews it has got. I have realized that Erotica is NOT my genre and I'm not going to try it again. Maybe I was the wrong person to review this book as for me it was a difficult read.

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  1. I like your honesty here... I have also got some mixed reviews.... my curiosity was also piqued after reading some of them but then I somehow managed to curb the desire to read and review it having concluded it is not my types! :P