Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Books I Love - Do You Reread Books?

'My Favourite Book' - these simple 3 words have very broad meaning. If you are an avid reader, you can't name just one or two, not even three books as your favourites. Different books affect you differently. Sometimes, three completely different books can evoke similar emotions.

Reading books is the fastest way to travel to different places, lives, without actually going anywhere. I think reading is one of the greatest forms of love. It keeps you happy. It diminishes your worries (for the time being). And, it has the capability to keep you awake all night.

There are many books I have loved (especially when I experimented with the genres) . But, I believe that apart from neat writing (of course) good books are those which keep you engaged throughout. You may close the book for some time, but it must have the hook that pulls you the moment you are free. While reading that book you don't care about your favourite TV show or social media. You don't want to sleep without finishing the book. The characters stay with you for a long time. And, most importantly, a book that you can read again!

No matter how much I like the book, I (usually) don't re-read any book. Usually because there are four books that I have read twice - just after finishing the first time! My first book that I re-read was Swami by Saratchandra, my all time favourite (Modified by Mannu Bhandari). It's a quick read, a simple yet beautiful take on love, marriage and family.

Alampanah is one of my favourite romances. A very popular serial 'Farmaan' was based on this novel. I regret watching that serial after reading the book. It badly affects my imagination. I don't watch the movie if I have read the book and vice-versa.

Then, it's Shukra Grah Par Dhawa by Prof. Diwakar that I had found in our mini library. It's a science fiction about an Indian scientist and his adventurous trip to Shukra Grah (Planet Venus) where he encounters a mad scientist. I read it first as a teenager. I re-read it after my marriage and loved again!

And, This Matter of Marriage by Debbie Macomber (one of my favourite authors. I love her delightful love stories).

Last year, I read a book Love Virtually. I couldn't believe I enjoyed reading emails - just emails! I was quick to order the sequel - Every Seventh Wave, and enjoyed that too. I feel I can re-read these books someday.

Have you read any of these? Do you re-read books? Share your absolute favourites!

Written this post for Blog Chatter (Prompt - Books I Love)


  1. I don't even read books, let alone re-reading 😊
    However, I do read online.

    But I remember getting inspired by 'The 3 signs of a Miserable Job' and checking it out again recently!

  2. I haven't read Debbie Macomber. Must look her up. I love to re-read books. The best bit is once you've read it through you can flip over to the interesting parts and leave the sad/boring parts.

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  4. There are some books I will always re-read, especially the works of P.G. Wodehouse and some spiritual/ thought-provoking non-fiction books too. I guess it depends on how deeply the work has impacted you. Haven't heard of Macomber. Must add to the list.

  5. I was looking around for some reading inspiration and stumbled upon your blog. I am so glad that I did. I've never read Debbie Macomber. I am going to pick right away. Thanks :)

  6. While I haven't yet checked out the books you listed, I do love to re-read some of my favourites. I had gotten out of that habit due to the number of unread books I had and lack of time, but last year, I picked up a few favourites and read them again, like the HP series, God of Small Things, Midnight's Children (the third took me about a month to read the first time in college, but nearly four months during the re-read!).

  7. @ Alok: Oh, then re-reading is out of question! :) it seems 'The 3 signs of a Miserable Job'is really inspiring/interesting. I read online too but only articles. If it's fiction, then it has to be short.

    @ Tulika: If you enjoy romance, You must read Debbie Macomber. Hmm...that's a good idea, but I'd think of reading some other book. :)

    @ Shailaja: You are right about the impact. I don't enjoy non-fiction - just 3 non-fiction books that I really liked. Read Macomber if you like romance (I think you don't like romance much, am I right?) :)

    @ Nancy: I am so glad you liked my blog. Do read Debbie Macomber if you enjoy romance. Hope to see you again. Thanks for visiting. :)

    @ Sreesha: Oh, I have so many unfinished books on my bookshelf. Haven't read any of these you mentioned (should I feel ashamed?) :( Actually, someone (who knows me closely) said that I wouldn't like God of Small Things. And, I have seen the HP movies. I don't read that I've seen (and vice versa). Feel like reading them now. :)

  8. I dont reread books at all... But like many of us, I have an exception... That Erich Segal's Love Story... I have read it twice :)

  9. I love reading, but i am a person who is in want of time. So reading books is vague in my duty list. But I read N.paper, magazines that do not steal much of my time.And of course i do not turn back from reading the blog posts.you have expressed it very well,Tarang.