Monday, May 2, 2022

It Rained That Night


Photo: Lochie Blanch, Unsplash

It was howling outside, darkness veiled by gleaming, heavy raindrops. She was waiting for Amar. Their first anniversary planning went awry. But he said he will be home, no matter what. 

The doorbell blared. Relief rushed through her mind. 

She opened the door. Amar was right there, smiling and drenched. She moved to hug him. 'Arrey, I'm drenched. Let me change.' He said affectionately, looking deep into her eyes. There was sadness in his eyes, which bothered her. I'll talk to him, she thought. Amar disappeared into the washroom. 

Her phone rang. She frowned at Amar's number flashing. Had he lost his phone? She picked up the call. 

'Hello. Is this Kavita?'


'I'm sorry...but...we have found a body on the highway. The I-card says Amar. Do you know him?'

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  1. Oh God! I had a lump in my throat Tarang.
    -Anagha Yatin

  2. Aww..that was sad! But for a moment, it gave me goosebumps! Beautifully done, Tarang!