Friday, January 7, 2011


It was a chilly dark night,
For cutie, the time was right.
Cutie, a kitten walked...
... with feline gait,
 Searching for food and fate.

Frost and darkness...
... spread all over,
In winter she found…
… Every door & windows covered.
A house was beaming with light,
She instantly mewed with delight.

The door stood ajar,
She stretched and…
… Entered through the iron bars.
The house glimmered with celebration,
Children were chuckling with elation.
Having delicious cakes and pastry,
Cutie tiptoed inside silently.

A pot of milk...
... was resting on the floor,
Which Cutie immensely adored.
Suddenly, she heard some thud,
She quickly hid behind the bed.
Someone passed by straight,
After that, a silence prevailed.
Now it was a great opportunity,
But she hesitated timidly.

What to do?
She should go or not?
Should she grab the pot?
Or should she wait.
Too many thoughts...
... whirled in her mind,
Her decision kept entwined.
She looked at the milk...
... with tantalizing eyes,
Her stomach churning...
... with appetite.

Suddenly, a big cat...
... entered stalking,
It approached the milk ambling.
Cutie stared helplessly at her ilk,
The cat slurped the entire milk.

 Image Prompt@: Monday's Child
         Also linked to: Monday Morning Writing Prompt


  1. Oh poor Cutie I hope she did not go hungry to long...I want to bring her some warm milk....thank you so for posting.....bkm

  2. yes, poor cutie.

    nice piece. and, despite feeling bad for cutie, i like the ending.

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  4. Glad to have you share this cute piece with potluck week 18...

    Happy Wednesday.