Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pain of separation

                      Image Prompt@: Magpie Tales

Amy was filled with pleasure,
Today, the moment was about to come
Which she will treasure.
Her home was permeated with the fragrance of delicacies,
Which she was preparing for her babies.
She baked a huge chocolate cake,
She was joyfully busy since the daybreak
It was 8th January and birthday of her twins,
Her visage was suffused with grin.
After many years they are coming to meet her,
With bliss and excitement, her heart fluttered.
She wanted to hug them tight,
Talk to them all night.
It’s been 3 murky years when she got divorced
Sam took the custody of their children
And the painful separation he forced.
He never allowed her children to meet her,
This grief always made Amy’s eyes blur.
Ringing phone made her jump of elation.
Voice of her children filled her with emotion.
Alas! Her sons denied of their arrival,
She cried and a pang of anguish kindled.
She knew, it was Sam’s plan,
He did it again damn!
Tears trickled down her cheeks,
Her love for her children seemed bleak.
All the joy evaporated,
She felt like cheated.


  1. Oh sad! And so very mean of Sam to keep a mom from seeing her children! I wonder if there's a good enough reason for doing that ... whew!!

    Very nicely narrated, Tarang.. capturing a mother's emotions so tenderly!

  2. Sad piece, well expressed. If only she could hear their voices...

  3. Touching poem....Very sad that the mom and children are not able to be together..they are like nail and skin whatever hindrance occurs though ..someday her prayers will be answered ..hope

  4. How can I miss it?

    beautifully portrayed sadness.
    well done,