Friday, February 4, 2011


A few days busy as a bee
And, a break from reading & writing
I’m feeling totally Lost.

Handful of thoughts
Whirling in my mind
But could not take any contour.

I wanted to paint some
Beautiful pictures in my mind
But all ended in vague impression.

Thoughts and imaginations
Needs to be chiselled as …
…this frame of mind is abrasive.

So, it is well said that…
…it’s safe and sound to be in practice,
As practice makes perfect.

Written for: 3WW, Theme thursday, Sunday scribblings 


  1. Writer's block is a terrible thing. All one can do is scribble, and hope for inspiration. You did very well!

  2. Sheilagh Lee said :you really describe writers block so well .sometimes a disraction of writng something else fun or reading a book helps.Maybe it's just or brains working on an idea thye haven't got to the fore front yet.

  3. Thanks Lee. Regular reading & writing really works.

  4. I'm liking your way with words. Good one.

  5. amazing..! such a beautiful attempt with wise and appropriate selection of words..:)