Thursday, January 27, 2011

Driving Force

I was an avid reader since my childhood,
Tried to write poems and…
…wondered if I could.
As I grew older,
My love for books grew deeper.
Writing styles of various author…
…fascinated me.
Those were them…
…I desperately wanted to be.
I wanted to read creative writing…
… To polish my writing skill,
I was sure I can and, I will.

Papa opposed my desire
But “You” read all my creations…
…and truly admired.
One fine day, you advised me…
… to send them to some magazine,
One of them got published,
which was my dream.
I got delighted…
… and your eyes gleamed.
Papa showed indignation,
As my friends busied themselves…
… In engineering preparation.
He could not comprehend my feelings,
Whereas I needed his blessings.

Unwillingly, I killed my…
… Urge of reading &writing.
But, I descended in my studies.

“Have you written any new story?”
You asked one day.
“No” I said gloomily.
“Why?” You were surprised.
“Few of my stories got rejected
Writing is not my future I surmise.”
You scented out the grim
You knew…
… Becoming a writer was my dream.

“Don’t get distracted and never give up
Follow your target and…
…the success will definitely turn up.
Rejection will make you proficient,
Someday soon, you’ll do something radiant.
I could see the spark in your creations,
You’re not progressing in the wrong direction.”

Your encouraging words rejuvenated me.
Now I could see my destination clearly.
Your trust for me was eternal,
For my passion, it was ample.
You made papa understand that…
…future of a writer is not bleak.
And my talent was unique.
Today I woke up to know that...
…my debut novel is a huge success.
I’m feeling like blessed.
This is only because of you.
You always supported and…
… believed in me.
You’re my driving force indeed…
…and you always will be.

Written for sunday scribblings


  1. I love the story you are sharing in this letter! Those of us who love to write, in fact live to write, know well that there are others who think we spend our time foolishly and should be doing something more productive. It only takes one person who believes in you, in this case a sister, to give you the belief in yourself to follow your dreams, whatever they may be and wherever they may lead. Excellent writing, thank you for sharing it with us!

  2. Nice one Tarang. Glad you shared it. You must be feeling better already....

  3. Motivation by self and our loved ones is sure a driving force.You have well expressed them in your poem.Liked it!

    Just play!

  4. Greetings…

    Please help visit a few poets 2 wish them happy birthdays, Thanks!

    Your contribution to our community is highly valued!
    Keep up the excellence!

  5. Thanks a lot everyone. It's good to have your nice comments.