Thursday, March 24, 2011


The entire aura was surreal and isolated. Shrouded with mist. Maya found herself sitting on a swing. How did she come here? She didn’t know. She surveyed herself. Her eyes widened in astonishment. She wore a beautiful silken gown, identical to her dream dress. It was like a feather touch. Her hair neatly done tucked with pearls. Glittering butterflies dangled around. The ambience was mesmerizing no doubt, but solitude crept inside her. No one was around. Her heart trembled.

Suddenly, a vague figure appeared in the mist. As it approached closer it became clearer. A tall handsome man wearing a white suit was standing in front of her. His smile was divine which formed a cute dimple. Her heart fluttered. It was like a love at first sight for her. His eyes were gleaming with admiration. “Is this admiration for her? Has he arrived for her? Will he take her to the world of fantasy? Will he love her from all her heart? She wondered.
He came closer. His smile grew broader. Her heart raced faster.

“Maya,” His deep masculine voice whispered her name. His voice was filled with affection. She parted her lips to say something but her tongue seemed tied.

“Maya,” The voice became deeper. Suddenly, it became louder. Harsh.

Her eyes flew open. Her mother was shaking her.

“Get up Maya; otherwise you’ll be late for the office.

Her dream was shattered once again. She got up feebly. She looked at the mirror in front of her bed. Dark complexion. Scrawny physique. Hair carelessly resting at her back. No silken gown but a worn out night dress. Bitterness churned inside.  She looked around to her grungy house. Her younger brother was getting ready for school. Her younger sister might be busy in the kitchen. Her mother’s constant coughing bothered her.

Her aging mother and her siblings, she held the entire responsibility on her weak shoulder. She had to, due to the untimely demise of her father. She was helpless in that deplorable circumstances.
In office, beautiful girls bloomed like blossom and guys revolved around them like bumble-bees.  No one gave a damn to her existence. “Is external prettiness is every thing? Is inner beauty is nothing? Why can't anyone see the beauty of her heart? Why Can't she weave a dream?” Too many thoughts volleyed in her mind.

Pain masked her face. She trudged towards the bathroom. She has to perform her dual task of office and home. She can’t shirk her responsibilities for her personal pleasures or agony.

Prompt@:   Thursday Tales
                     Three Word Wednesday (Dual, Identical and Volley)


  1. Even a small glimpse of heaven and a little play on the swings gets you through another day..nice write..Jae :)

  2. There are a lot of beautiful souls trapped in plain bodies; and a lot of people expected or forced to do their 'duty' even though it is repressive. That's life!

  3. Thank you so much Jae & Old Altonian!:)

  4. Swinging back and forth from reality to fantasy, I think we all do this no matter what the circumstances. Wonderful imagery of pain and wanting freedom.

  5. A great picture to compliment the writing. When young it is so hard to believe being beautiful inside is just as important as outward appearances. That inner beauty will always win in the end.

  6. A sad and beautiful tale, Tarang! Escaping into dreams can make it easier to handle the responsibilities of 'real life' we must all face...:)

    Imagination Lane

  7. Thank you so much Christine, Oldegg & Lynette!:)

  8. there are so many Mayas in the real life. its a very beautiful story, straight from your soul i believe, which must be very beautiful.

    society is often so vain that weighs human beings by money and outer beauty.


  9. these days i feel happy when a writer allows anonymous comments, thanks. it would have been a shame if i was prevented from complimenting your splendid story.


  10. Thank you so much Trisha. I'm glad you liked it!:)

  11. You know, even ugly has its own beauty if we look for it. A beautiful soul can never be mistaken for anything but that no matter what the external looks are.
    Sad but, lovely writing.