Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sharing Happiness!

                                Image prompt @: Thurday Tales

Pia’s mind was devastated as if a cyclone had gone through it. Just now Rashi cheerfully announced something which made her troubled.

“Pia, I want to share something special.” Rashi's face was beaming with happiness and excitement. “The moment I realized I thought to share with you. Who could be a better person to share my happiness?” She said in downright exhilaration and Pia was growing perplexed.

“You know Pia, I’m in love with Manav.”

This piece of news shattered Pia’s life yet she managed to fabricate a smile. Rashi loved him!

After describing her emotions, Rashi departed leaving Pia shocked and distressed. She laid on her bed, constantly watching at the ceiling. She remembered how in their childhood Rashi and she shared everything with her. Shared their happiness, their grieves and their excitement. But sharing love is something different. Even a child feels hurt when he realizes that his mother loves his sibling more. Even her mother loved her more than Rashi but she never felt jealous.

‘She can’t let this happen. She can’t lose Manav over her. She knew, many a times she felt that Manav admired her.’  She thought. ‘How can she get such a handsome like Manav though she was more beautiful than her?’ Her heart was adamant.

Suddenly an incident flashed in her mind when a girl snatched her Barbie doll and she could not do anything but cry. “What happened Pia? Why are you crying?” Rashi’s voice was filled with genuine concern. She explained her everything and there was a flush of anger in Rashi’s eyes. She resolutely left from there. After few minutes she returned with the Barbie doll and handed it to her.

“I can’t bear to see you cry Pia.” Rashi said in emotion filled voice. Suddenly Pia’s heart filled with guilt. Such incidents happened several times. Many a times Rashi fought for her. Many a times she taught her to stand up for herself. Apparently it was Rashi who made her so confident.  The past reeled in her mind.

“Won’t Rashi’s heart cry when she would lose Manav? The man she loved so much. How will she bear to see her elder sister unhappy? How could she feel in such a peculiar way for her own sister? Where her love for her sister vanished? Just for a boy?” She asked her inner voice. She was feeling small.

“No problem Pia. You’re smart, beautiful and intelligent. You’ll get many Manav’s.” She said to herself and a bright smile flashed on her face. Her heart was feeling light. Genuinely happy for her sister.

Written for: Thursday Tales
                       Theme Thursday
                       3WW (Fabricate, Adamant and Peculiar)


  1. A nice read on sisterly love & devotion.

  2. Oh love's twists, joys, and pains. Lovely post and neat photo. Interesting take on "face"

  3. Thank you so much Andy, Meryl & Beccagivens!

  4. A beautiful tale of sibling love and, in the end, willing sacrifice. Enjoyed it a lot.

  5. Such a wonderful story, really well written and a pleasure to read, well done! :o)

  6. How wise she was to realise there were many Manavs out there for her. I enjoyed this read.

  7. Thank you Old Altonian, Deborah & Oldegg for your nice comments. Glad you liked it!:)

  8. yes, a nice change to read about sibling love..Jae

  9. Hehe, lovely story with quite a different and nice ending.

  10. this is gorgeous. you really have a beautiful soul.

    i think she made a wise decision. very wise.


  11. Thanks a lot Jae & Aayushi:)

  12. Thank you so much Trisha For such a nice comment!:)

  13. wonderful tale..!! sisterly love truly put..!!!

    thanks for joining the tales train..!!

    see you next thursday..!!!

  14. Sheilagh lee said:I love that she loved her sister enough to put her sister first and move on. Wonderful story.

  15. Glad she took the higher ground. I really enjoyed your tale :)