Sunday, August 28, 2011



Celebration of hope. Hope of eradication of corruption from our country. Corruption, which is making our country weak from many years, and we are vulnerable to endure everything. But we are not. This “Fight against corruption movement” for which Anna Hazare, his team and the entire nation is raising a voice, proved it.

Finally, we people have partly attained the success in the battle against corruption. We have advanced a step forward towards the path of triumph and “Corruption free India. Today, Anna Hzaare ended his fast as the parliament passed the resolution accepting the demands of Jan Lokpal Bill.

Hats off to Anna and his team. Hats off to the Indian people. Without their support, this movement wouldn’t have succeeded like this. Indian people have really created a history by their tremendous support towards this historical movement. Their zest, maintaining the peacefulness is splendid indeed! Though, there are few people who considered it over dramatized.  Some tried to put hurdles on the way. However nothing matters now. It is the beautiful and striking example of the strength of Indian Democracy and Integrity. Role of media truly deserves an applaud for connecting us with this movement closely and thoroughly

We always heard of freedom fight and JP movement, but it is that incredible movement which we witnessed. This generation should be proud that they got the privilege to be part of it.  As Anna said, it is a partial success, it is, but let’s hope for the best. And people should be determined to change themselves and our society to support the success of this movement further. India is rising and it will be shining.

Congratulations India!!   Jai Hind.


  1. Yes..we should be proud of the success we get. If nothing else, it at-least instilled in us, the youths.. a sense of pride and to take part in the happenings of the country and to make a better place to live in.


  2. Please read this and reevaluate things.

  3. You pretty much said what i could not effectively communicate. +1

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