Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Are you a misfit?

“Who am I?” Ask yourself. You will realize that your name, beauty, height or your oddness (If any) is not going to make any difference. It is your knowledge, skill, efficiency, originality and humanity, which makes you special.

I read this insightful article by Sonal Kalra, in ‘A calmer you’ section of Hindustan Times. I want to share a brief excerpt from that article which brought a smile on my face.

“Raise your left hand if you’ve ever felt like a misfit- in school, college, workplace social gathering. Now raise the other hand if you’ve killed yourself (Not literally, Einstein) trying to change yourself because it made you feel inferior. If both your hands are up then GOOD. At least for the next few minutes this should be your punishment for being so stupidly harsh on yourself.”

Many a times, people feel unfit in many different situations maybe due to lack of knowledge, ordinary looks or short height, etc.

I remember, once there was a discussion going on some topic. Everyone in the group was giving their views and bits of information about that topic, but I was bound to ‘Just listen’ because, unfortunately, I didn’t know much about that topic and really felt misfit in that group. How it feels good to take part in any discussion proficiently, I realized.

When you’re confident, then there are fewer chances of feeling misfit and confidence comes with knowledge and skill. Everything, outer appearance, short height or anything else diminishes.

There is no guarantee that you can be an expert in every field. Don’t fill yourself with nausea thinking that how misfit you are. Generally, there is always a talent hidden in your persona. You just have to recognize your potential and work on it rather than repenting on what you don’t have.

Many of you might have seen a movie ‘Wake up Sid’ (I love this movie). In this movie Sid played by Ranbir Kapoor seems and behaves like a hopeless brat. He even couldn’t pass his exam but finally when he met Ayesha played by Konkana Sen Sharma, an independent and hardworking girl, he realizes his futility and recognizes a great photographer in him and finds a new horizon in his life.

Similarly, in the movie ‘Taare Zameen Par’ (One of my favourite movies) the main protagonist Ishaan, a child suffering with Dyslexia, was actually misfit if compared to other children around him. Then a drawing teacher played by Aamir Khan, helps him in studies and discovers a great artist in Ishaan. Eventually, Ishaan paints a master piece and wins a drawing competition.

You may find someone in your life who can guide you or can lead you to a new direction, if not, then be your own torch, search for a new path and destination for you and proceed.

There are varieties of talent in this world. All can’t be possessed by everyone. But there must be something inside you. Discover, recognize, polish and cherish your hidden talent. Stop feeling that you’re a misfit. No one is perfect, and everyone can’t be similar.

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  1. be one's own torch, love the idea.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I recall a time I was in the dojo studying the martial arts with my Sensei. He told me that I needed to find my purpose. Everyone has a special purpose upon this earth. To find one's special talents and to embrace them is to know true joy upon this earth. Each of us has a purpose . . . whether we are writers, lawyers, or seamstresses. We all have a hidden talent. ~A very motivational write!~

  3. You are so right everyone has a talent hidden inside of them. Each person should look deep inside and find their hidden talent and then polish it and help to make it grow. Thank you so much for these inspiring words.

  4. I love this, thank you for sharing :)

  5. this is so true everyone has a talent it's finding it and using it that's the work.