Friday, September 23, 2011

Shower of water

                          Image@:  Haiku My Heart

Parched soil, urgently
Soaks the shower of water
Withered Plants flourish.

A Promising new day!

Dark clouds washed away.
Howling downpour subsided.
And a radiant day…
emerged as a winner.

Trembling plush green leaves,
Dazzled in sunshine
Vibrant flowers brightened
To see humming bumble-bee
Hovering around

White pieces of clouds
Sprinkled in azure sky
Lingering raindrops on the leaves
Lost in the arms of air

The entire nature welcomed
The warmth of sunbeams
Promising a bright and hopeful
New day!

        Poets United


  1. And as i read this, I wish some rainy drops quench the thirst of the hot city here :) Beautifully penned :)

  2. Water is Nature's most precious gift yearned by both humans as well as vegetation.

  3. Urgently seems to be the key word here!

    Well expressed!

  4. Isn't it amazing what a rain shower can do for withered and parched things? :-)

    My Watery Haiku

  5. Nice one! The image is so striking to me and takes me back home...Home Sickness!

  6. @ Adreamygal: Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it:)

    @ Saras: Yes, of course:)

    @ Andy: Thank you so much!:)

  7. @ MMT: Yes, it is. It's refreshing. Thanks:)

    @ Mama Zen: Thanks!:)

    @ Knot2share: Thanks!:)

  8. Love to see that happen in my potted plants!! :) Great revival!!

  9. "lost in the arms of air", such a lovely image!

  10. You captured the thirst and gladness of rain! Wonderful photo and I love "lost in the arms of air" Beautiful~