Monday, October 24, 2011

Be careful!

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Sky looks like fountains of colourful lights. It seems that stars have come to visit the earth. Mirth and melody are omnipresent in this pious festival. Crackers and sweets are the essence of Diwali. But be careful! Few people are trying to make our festival sour just to make their pocket full of money.  They are using artificial mawa in sweet making. In some places, rotten and contaminated sweets are also in the market, to infect our body. Read this article.

Eating sweets in festivals is unavoidable, so be careful when you choose your sweets and sweet shop. Make sure that they only add sweetness to your celebration. Make sure that these kinds of adulteration in the Festival of light and bliss may not darken or sadden the festivity and health. After all Health is happiness.

“Don’t burst crackers as they create air and noise pollution” is a clichéd statement. At least children won’t listen to this preaching. So be careful and be there with your children while they burst crackers. Tell them about the safety.

Enjoy your festival! Wish you all a very safe, prosperous and happy Diwali:)

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