Friday, October 14, 2011


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Pangs of Hunger assailed
 “Leaving his home
 Was not a good decision”
He thought.
Vision of kicks of his cruel father
Appeared as a dragon
Assault of belt on his back
Eyes shimmered in agony
Shrugging off the dreadful memories
He roamed in the hunt for food
In the inky blackness of night
“Anything would do” he thought.
A Shimmering house
Beaming with pleasure
Resonating with
Ecstatic voices of elation
Aroma of delicacies wafted
Hit his nostrils
Stomach started churning
He tried to enter
Got a shot of abuses
“How ruthless” he thought
Eyes landed on the leftovers
Strewn carelessly
Feast-day for dogs
He drooled
Unable to control hunger
He headed towards it.


  1. unusual but a nice read !!!
    u write well Taran :)

  2. The gross surfeit and waste of food in western countries is a terrible indictment on our values and system that allow so much hunger to exist in the developing countries.
    Your poem captures the plight of the hungry of the world...

  3. Highlights the haves and the have nots...