Friday, October 21, 2011

Teenage suicide

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An MBA final student of an institute of management studies, jumped off a third floor window because she was allegedly caught cheating in an examination. What she achieved from this dreadful step? Multiple fractures in her face and body. If she had the nerves of cheating in the examination, then why she could not face the consequences? After all, even she must have known that she was doing wrong. In past few decades we have heard of many teenage suicide or suicidal attempts.

Suicide is the intentional and premeditated killing of oneself. Most noticeably, adolescents and young adults are more prone to self homicide. In fact, suicide is the most rapidly growing cause of death among youth between the ages of fifteen and twenty-four.

Why teenagers assimilate this concept? This is an extremely difficult question to answer. The growth of suicide among students can be for various reasons.

I. Depression

I was startled to know that a girl, aged 18-19 was suffering from depression. What could be the reason? The main reason could be the new environment of College and incapability to adapt that. Initially, college life can be a complicated transition period in which students may feel astray, stressed, forlorn, perplexed and nervous. And these problems may lead to depression, and an untreated depression is the number one cause for suicide.Death could be chosen when suffering becomes unbearable. When future seem bleak. Most of the teen suicidal attempts are consequences of improper dealing with depression.

Sadness, Negative approach towards life, Statements and jokes about death and suicide, Loss of interest in fun and recreation, not responding to praise, Social withdrawal and staying aloof most of the time, Insomnia and sleep disorders, Bad temper and Irritability etc. are some symptoms of depression.

II. Disharmony in the family:

Marital disharmony between parents, inferiority complex due to Sibling rivalry, etc. can lead to frustration. Sometimes, poverty and hardship can make a teenage disheartened. Perhaps, they get impressed by the aristocracy of their friends and thus a feeling of “Why can’t I have those luxuries in my life” brews. 
Few decades back, the joint family system ruled utmost in the Indian society and a child upset about anything, usually came back home to sympathetic grandparents, uncles, and cousins who were always willing to lend a hand of support. But now, in nuclear family parents are running after money, comfort & social status and don’t have much time to understand the psychology and internal distress of their children.

III. Poor academic performance, Fear and pressure:

 Many cases are recorded where teenagers commit or attempt suicide due to their poor academic performance. Now days every student is vying vastly to compete in various fields and in the present scenario, there is no scope for the diffident scholars.

A student really gets depressed when he is not able to secure good marks in the examination. Along with the feeling of shame, he has to bear in front of his classmates and teachers; there is a constant pressure from his family to perform well. They loose their self confidence and reliance on their family and society. When this pressure becomes unbearable to a student, last way out for him is suicide. Social structure has to be molded.

IV. Unhealthy or abusive relationship and break-up:

This too is one of the most common causes for teenage suicide. Personality of a teenage is very fragile, and they could easily get affected by an emotional setback. Teenagers have to understand that betrayal in a relationship and break-up is not the end of life. Something special might be waiting for them ahead.

Parents Take:

Parents should make sure they give their child, depressed or not, plenty of attention. Taking care is not only fulfilling their duty. It’s about spending time with them. Understanding and sharing their feelings and dreams. Finding out what’s going in their hearts. Sharing their ramblings. Making them disciplined and strong. They should make their child comfortable so that their children feel free to share their problems with them. They should notice the activities of their children.

Don’t forget to embrace and express your emotions and feelings
Nurture your bond with occasional picnics and family trips        

Make your child understand the gist of life and help them to be capable of facing   and tackling the problems of life.

         Observe the behaviour of your child because suicide is not an instant decision. Usually it is premeditated and expressed in some way or other. Something must
          be killing them inside.

          If you think your child is depressed, visit a psychiatrist or counselor immediately.

Most teen suicides can be prevented by effective communication and psychotherapy. Parents need to look out for the warning signs and differentiate them from the normal teen anxiety.
Life is precious. Committing suicide cannot be the solution to any problem in life. It is the sign of cowardice. There is a solution to every problem. So, one must find out and face the problems courageously.



  1. You mentioned so many reasons but the question is who is responsible? Have a look on few things (extremely short and you should be thankful for this that I am not going for detailed discussion):
    Depression: I don't know why today's youth is always in depression.
    Disharmony in family: To resolve this, family should have time for each other.
    Poor academic performance: Its really unfortunate that its happening after having such an easy syllabus (compare to old one) and heavy liberty (again same).
    Abusive relationship: No comments, bolloywood is doing lots for that.
    Parents take: For this, child should listen to his/her parents. Now a days who cares?

  2. Tarang, you really done a good job , explored the causes, and some measures to avoid that..nice.

  3. A great assembly of causes and ways to avoid suicide. I identify with your topic because at 19 I attempted suicide...the culmination of years of hiding sexual abuse...

  4. Susie, you are brave enough to admit the truth. Hats off..

  5. I think we all remember someone from our teens who did this. Good post and I hope it prevents loss of life.