Sunday, December 11, 2011

Entrapped: by Sneha Kedar

I have keen interest in gothic, paranormal or fantasy stories. That’s why I picked Entrapped by Sneha Kedar.

This story is about Myra Bose who finds out on her seventeenth birthday that she is not human but a fairy. She starts her new journey at Fae High, a high school where she is supposed to learn and recognize her special powers.

There Myra not only finds good friends Carrie, Lona, Spark, Sera and Jack but also finds her love of life, Ryan.

Myra and her friends, Carrie, Lona and Spark hear some mysterious voices in their recurring dreams. This story tells how they decode the meaning of their mysterious dreams and with their sincere endeavor unveil the dark secrets of Fae High.

This is a young adult paranormal and fantasy fiction. You can say, it’s an Indian version of Goosebumps.

The story is interesting and engrossing (For the people who like this kind of stories). Initially, the writing style is very crisp but as the story proceeds, perhaps due to so many adventures and excitements, sometimes, it loses its precision. Overall, for me it was a nice read.