Friday, February 17, 2012

The unheards: By AK Bansal

Recently I finished reading The Unheards by Akash Bansal.
Since, I have a keen interest in horror/paranormal fiction, I was naturally attracted to this book, even though there were very few reviews listed.

The Unheards is the story of Barcaldine House, situated in lanthom Cove and deserted for many years. David Edment inherited this house and after losing his job in Sydney, he decides to shift there with his family. His wife Martha, initially apprehensive about shifting to Lanthom Cove, loves the magnificence and elegance of the house, which is hers now.

After some strange experiences and a scary dream, in two months, Martha encounters frightening spirits, the unheard, who screams to be heard. That horrifying experience confirms that the Balcaldine house is haunted.

The language & writing is very clean and crisp (Akash Bansal has written some articles for Inner Voice section in Hindustan Times).

The horror scenes or I should say the scenes that involved encounter with spirits are written so skillfully that they make the reading thrilling and engrossing.

Few things I found upsetting in this novel. First, sometimes it seemed stretched. I think horror/paranormal/fantasy fiction should be compact and precise; otherwise it tends to lose its essence. This book could have been wrapped up in about 150 pages instead of stretching it to 216 pages, but I guess, to make it a full-fledged novel, the author has stuffed some unnecessary and uninteresting descriptions/scenes.

There are some minor grammatical errors, that you can ignore.
he book is written in multiple points of view and I found that a bit distracting. I would have liked it more if it was written in Martha’s (Single) point of view.


  1. I read this book last year and thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it, very gripping. And this year I read Author's latest work "Avenue of Death" which was another great ride. I must say these books are not some typical Indian horror stuff. A must recommend if you love horror stuff.Looking forward to Akash Bansal's next book. Cheers!

  2. @ Mama Zen: You should, especially if you like horror/paranormal fiction. Thanks:)

    @ Rohit: I’ve seen "Avenue of Death" on flipkart & it’s definitely in my reading list. Thanks for your recommendation:)