Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Moon Over Water: by Debbie Macomber

Author Linda Lael Miller said “I’ve never met a Macomber book I didn’t love!”

Author Jayne Ann Krentz said “Debbie Macomber’s name on a book is a guarantee of delightful, warmhearted romance.”

I truly second these statements!

Apart from a love story ‘Moon over Water’ is a crime thriller, not my choice of genre, yet I chose to read it, just because the author’s name was Debbie Macomber and I’m glad I read it.

This novel is about an ordinary life to an extraordinary love!

Lorraine is a nurse, engaged to Gary. She had known that her father died when she was just three but her mother’s untimely death upended her life, revealing a shocking truth that her father was alive!

Desperate to know why her parents lied to her, she travels in search of her father. She finds him but before she could ask the truth she finds herself trapped in an accusation of theft. Her father asks Jack Keller to take Lorraine safely to the United States.

Lorraine and Jack together sail in Jack’s boat for many days, initially detesting each other but in these few days too many things happen and they grow loving each other immensely yet unable to express.

As usual, the author has expressed the emotions very well and made this novel a lovely read!

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