Friday, May 4, 2012

What’s your Hobby?

Many people might have asked you – “What is your hobby?”  Sometimes this question seems childish, but I think hobbies hold a special place in anyone’s life. In the present scenario when life is hectic for everyone due to time consuming jobs, people get no time for such activities. But still there are many stay-at-home-people in our country like housewives and grandparents of a family.
Madhulika lives in a nuclear family. She generally gets up at 6:00 in the morning. By 9:15 her children and husband leave for their school and office respectively. Her house-helper leaves at 9:30 after finishing her work. She closes the door and exhales a sigh of relief. For every homemaker, morning is like catching a train. Now she has got some time for herself. After taking bath, she sits on the sofa with her breakfast and switches on the television. Until she finished her plate, she browsed through several channels but nothing interesting was coming on TV.
Now, a very clichéd question hit her mind “What to do?” This is a very common question for stay-at-home women. Television is indeed a great mode of entertainment but how long can anyone watch television, or sleep unnecessarily, or talk to their neighbours or friends?
Mr. Sharma is a 64 years old retired government employee. Three years back his wife passed away, and he feels lonely at home. You can’t blame anyone. Her daughter is settled in Canada with her family. Both his son and daughter-in-law work in a multinational company. His grandsons are grown up and always busy in their school, tuition, extracurricular activities and friends.  It becomes really difficult to kill the loneliness for aged people if they are single. They definitely need something for time pass.
Few days back, I met someone who told me that she doesn’t like doing anything at home. She didn’t like cleaning her home because she lived in a rented house. She didn’t like reading. She had no interest in gardening. What she was interested in? And how she managed to pass her days idly? I wondered. Doing nothing is weird. Many women have different causes and circumstances for not going out for jobs, but they must have some interests to make their life creative and interesting.
What is your hobby? This question cannot be clichéd and childish for people like Madhulika and Mr. Sharma. So, it is very important to develop hobbies or learn new things, especially if you are not doing any job.  Apart from watching television and talking to your friends, there are many interesting things in this world.  It’s up to your interest. You will never feel bored.  Staying at home is not so boring.  And if you are not interested in anything, you deserved to be bored.
I feel really good that I never feel bored because I am a voracious reader and writer. The time left after my household duties, flies in reading, writing and blogging. When people ask me what to do in my free time, I wonder, why can’t they just read. Pleasure of reading is something I relish. Power cut, unavailability of cable connection, cancellation of any program of outing, bad mood and loneliness can’t make your day lethargic if you have a good book with you. Books are real friend. You can snuggle in your comfy bed or sofa and get lost to another world of stories. There might be a prince charming or dream girl as a hero/heroin of a book, who create several funny, romantic, problematic or poignant situations which may make you laugh, savor, cry or ponder over them.
 If you have creativity in your mind you can pour it on paper or on your word document. Unlock your imagination and write. Trust me that can engage you every time and everywhere. Everywhere means everywhere. Both reading and writing can keep you busy and you won’t realize how time flew. 
 It is really joyous and satisfactory to see your creation flourish. The person who grows and spends time with plants feels utter delight when it blossoms. Gardening is also a hobby for many people. They don’t get bored spending time with plants. Watching them grow and bloom. It is so nice to see a prospered garden. A home fringed with lush greenery and vibrant flowers. You can also make your home just like that.
Have you ever seen a beautiful oil painting and thought “I wish I could paint”? You must have. It really takes a lot of hard work, imagination and concentration to create a masterpiece. For many people it is a hobby and they do it delightfully and efficiently.  Painting keeps a painter so engrossed that for them time flies in no time. No room to get bored.
Recently, my friend told me that her husband keeps himself busy in composing songs every now and then, apart from his job. So, music is also a beautiful option to keep yourself engage.
So let your creativity, curiosity and interest flow. Let them take a free flight. Think. You must have some interests in your life. First of all, keep a positive attitude towards life. Negativity blocks everything. You will recognize your hobbies and maybe your hidden talents. Life will seem interesting and that treasure inside you is never going to let you think “What to do?”

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  1. I completely agree Tarang....beautiful thought very well expressed!

  2. Very beautiful post on hobbies...The first question I ask a stranger after asking his/name is hobbies....I can know a lot about them through their hobbies and interests!...

  3. Nicely written..