Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bonds and Relationships

 Bond Of Love

Affection cannot
Flourish forcibly, it blooms
With understanding

A boy loved a girl. The girl did not love him. He kept stalking her but could not evoke any feelings in her heart. She did not love him and she made it very clear.

After sometime, the girl happily married a man of her and her parents’ choice. She was happy. But this happiness could not last more than twenty four hours. Out of jealousy, the boy killed her husband. How shocking! And unfortunate. And weird.

What did that boy think? I mean did he expect that after unexpected and unfortunate death of her husband, she would run into his waiting arms? I think it’s a kind of mental imbalance. A normal person must know to control his/her emotions. Nurturing a feeling for someone is a matter of choice. And if you claim to love someone you can’t be so cruel. You simply cannot tend to snatch his/her happiness. How can you even think of destroying your loved one’s life when once you’ve built affectionate emotions for him/her? And if you do so, your claim is utterly hypothetical.

Tendency of ruining someone’s life, if your admiration is not accepted, is absolutely not normal. Now, that girl can have only one feeling for that boy and that is hatred.

Love or liking is a self developed feeling. You can’t force anyone to love or like you back. A connection clicks. A feeling of admiration burgeons gradually. A bond develops. It blossoms and strengthens. Sometimes, you can’t have any such feelings even after you know someone for long time and sometimes you feel very strong connection in very short time span. And all depends on choice and how you connect with each other.

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  1. Very true!....Lovely haiku and description...Love can't be attained forcibly....:)

  2. It is sad but true. These days people interpret love like if you cannot be mine you cannot be any body else's either.....!

    Nicely written.

  3. @ Valli: THank you!:)

    @ Me: :) Yes it seems like that. Thank you!:)

  4. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about love along with this Haiku. It is a simple process really. Let your heart do the loving and not let your mind run away with desire.

    Much Peace

  5. Maybe, especially when it's one-sided but it's absolute folly.

  6. Sometimes affection also blooms with mystery, I think.

    Haiku Offering

  7. lovely haiku with wonderful message ~~ thanks, ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

  8. And yet greenhouses/hothouses force plants to bloom...

    Oh, I guess I'm just being contrary!

    Concertina Wire & Sky

  9. wise words. i agree with spaceman's comments today. relationships often touch places in the heart that remain dormant. we learn from them all but at times not without some pain.

  10. please forgive me for being so late to visit all haiku my hearts. life has taken me away from the computer and finally i have returned to visit each one of you.
    i love your haiku. is it simple and honest, and flourishes with understanding.

  11. It's okay Rebecca:) I'm glad you liked this. Thank you very much!:)