Monday, September 24, 2012

Finding a way in difficult situations

There's a quotation "मुश्किलें इतनी बढ़ीं कि आसां हो गईं" (Mushkilein Itni Badhi Ke Aasan Ho Gayi) and I like this!

Life is full of problems. Small or big. Expecting a problem free life is expecting too much from life. It can never be this generous. But I think there’s always a solution. Always a way to proceed. None of your problems can stop the rhythm of your life. Life tends to go on.

Sometimes we really feel helpless in any particular difficult situation. We find it so difficult that we can’t resist thinking that nothing can be done. But I can say with my personal experiences that there’s always a solution, waiting somewhere to kill the existing problem. When life traps you in some trouble, it also has some solution stored in a corner of its closet. We just have to extract it. Many times I have experienced some problems that seemed perpetual. I start to think ‘What can be done with this?’ ‘How will I manage this?’ but as I set my mind free to find some way out, I get one (It may seem tough initially but you get used to it gradually).  And I’m not exaggerating.

Some incidents stir our lives. They compel our minds to stick to them. Weeping hearts refuse to come out of that trauma. But at this point moving on can be the only solution. You can’t control some mishaps in your life. But you can control your emotions. Your conscience. Your thoughtfulness.

Sometimes, you can’t do anything about those difficulties of your life that tend to jump in the pond of your happiness, jumbling your peaceful mind. Ruining your chuckling halcyon moments. But you can learn to tackle those problems. The more you try to run away from the difficulties, the bigger it appears.

Actually, life isn’t about what happens to you, it’s about how you handle what happens.

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  1. So true ... a really inspiring post !!!

  2. So true Tarang!

    Like it is said, you would not be given problems had you not got the capacity to handle them. God knows what we are capable of and hence decides the best for us. Sometimes it is a problem while sometimes it is a surprise :)

    Lovely post.

  3. I liked the metaphor of difficulties jumping in the pond and then causing everdecreasing circles.

  4. Your posts inspire me a lot Tarang!...And they always reflect lesson for my current mood....I feel as if this is all written for me...I loved the ending quote..."Life isn't about what happens to you, it's about how you handle what happens!"

  5. @ Green Speck: Thank you!:)

    @ Me: :) I think no matter how big problem we get, we tend to gain tolerance of that level. We eventually learn to manage:) Thanks:)

    @ Aprille: Glad you liked that. Thank you!:)

    @ Valli: See how I manage to trace your mind :) Kidding obviously...I'm glad you think so. Thank you very much for liking this post:)

    ! Harshadji: Thank you!:)

  6. inspiring post...yes!

  7. Life without problems and solutions finds no thrill.