Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tribulations of bad marriages and society: An article published in Alive

Marriage is something people call settlement. May be. Life may seem settled for someone who gets loving and caring life partner and a peaceful life. But in many cases (You can see many real life stories on television or can observe around your circle) married life is not very sweet (Or say it's bitter especially for women) and life becomes completely disturbed and troubled.

In many cases women are forced to compromise. To what extent? This question keeps hanging. Ups & downs and some normal argument are inevitable in married life but at some point suffering women must put a full stop in front of their tolerance level and learn to take some strong and wise decisions to lead the life forward peacefully. Else it could be painful or even dangerous. 

I think our society plays an important role.

I wrote an article on tribulations of bad marriage which got published in Alivemagazine (Delhi Press).


  1. a very well written article Tarang..
    its high time for society to end its double standards and for women to bear everything..
    bearing injustice is a greater sin than doing injustice.
    Women and their families should realize that by being quiet to the misdeeds of the "sasural" they are actually giving them confidence to carry on with their atrocities.
    and society should realize that in today's world a woman is in noways lesser than a man and she has the right to live her life her way and raise voice against any injustice done to her.

  2. Very well said Rhythm...I agree when you say "by being quiet to the misdeeds of the "sasural" they are actually giving them confidence to carry on with their atrocities."

    I'm glad you liked my article. Thank you so much!:)

  3. Lots to think about. Congratulations on the publication... will go check it out!

  4. Tried to enlarge the print but, it becomes so big all the print on the two pictures goes into a big blur.
    I agree with your thoughts on why women should not be forced to always compromise or, always expect to be treated badly and not have any way of defending themselves.
    It took women in the west about 100 years to fight for their rights, to vote, to work in paid jobs other than being a housewife and many other rights which we now take for granted but, if they hadn't done that, we (in the west) would still be as far behind in rights as so many women are still, in so many countries of the world.
    I'm sure it was a well written, good article. Well done on being published too :)

  5. congratulations Tarang, very well written.

  6. This is one of the best articles I've ever read!...I could see my anger in your words...I get so irritated when I hear this from our elders "You are a woman...You need to compromise! He is a man...He can do anything!!" Ahh!! Grr!...The examples you've shared are so real...Woman is always a victim though there is nothing wrong from her side!!

    Awesome post Tarang!

  7. Congrats for the publication Tarang :-)

  8. Alas, I have to agree with you: In many cases, married life is not very sweet.

    My 3-Word Wed.

  9. It's true,but the motherhood of hers makes her stoop to any extent.

  10. @ Laurie Kolp: Thank you!:)

    @ Daydreamertoo: You've said some really good points here. Glad you liked it. Thank you!:)

    @ Sheilagh: Thank you!:)

    @ Valli: Thank you so much! I'm so glad you liked it!:)

  11. @ Green Speck: Thank you!:)

    @ Magical Mystical Teacher: Yes, this is some cases.

    @ Rudraprayaga: Yes, you're right.

  12. a wonderful message and article. It is hard to fathom how someone can stay in such a situation, but I understand how your culture and society play a roll in that. Even still, in places where women are not looked down upon for such an act, it can be hard to admit or seek help from such abuse for a large array of reasons.

  13. Interesting article.. marriage is perhaps the most over rated thing in our country with people make it seem to be the ultimate thing to be done for anyone in their life.

    They forget that marriage is not the journey - but a part of the journey of life!