Friday, November 9, 2012

Betrayal by Danielle Steel

Yesterday I finished “Betrayal by Danielle Steel”. This was a review copy sent by Random House India. Thanks to Rukun and Random Reads.

I haven’t read many books by Danielle Steel. Before this book I have read only one book authored by her and that was “Vanished”

Betrayal is a story of…..betrayal. Tallie Jones is 39 and is a very successful movie director. After two failed marriages, she lives with her boyfriend of three years, Hunt Lloyd. Her extremely efficient secretary Brigitte Parker is her best friend and cares a lot for her. Overall Tallie’s life is hectic yet blissful. At least she thinks so.

Her trusted accountant Victor Carson reveals that there has been some regular disorder in her financial records. Someone has been squandering a large amount of money in cash. Tallie has no idea about these expenses. Then who’s that? Her best friend Brigitte, who manages everything for her? Or her live-in loving partner Hunt? Or her accountant Victor himself, who has an over demanding young wife?

Tallie obviously wants to find out and this unfolds many shocking and unbelievable disclosures and her so called perfect life upends. To know more you’ll have to read the book.

Okay, what can I say about Danielle Steel? She is a big name in the world of writing and who wouldn't want to read her? But as far as I’m concerned, I didn't like two very important things in this book. 

First: The repetitiveness. In this book same things are said and explained many times in different ways. I think it disturbs the pace of the story.

Second: I didn't like the idea of multiple points of views. It somehow loosens the grip of the story as we are not supposed to know everyone’s feeling through their point of view in a suspense fiction.

Overall I would say the plot is nice and it could be a nice read for Danielle Steel fans. I’ll be back with some more Danielle Steel books. I hope to like them more. Unfortunately, Betrayal was not a 'very' interesting and engrossing read for me.

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  1. Interesting the way you have analysed few points on the book :)

    I like Danielle Steel's work sometimes but this one I have not read yet!