Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Legacy: by Danielle Steel

I’m not a fan of historical fiction of 17th or 18th century. I’m also not a fan of Danielle Steel. But “Legacy” came as a pleasant surprise for me!

It’s the story of two entirely different women of different era.

Briggitte is 38 years old woman, working in administrative department of a university and is writing a boring book from seven years. She has not much ambition and pretty content with her life, having a boyfriend of six years.

Suddenly, life gives her a solid beat as her boyfriend Ted ends their relationship for his most cherished dream. She has been fired from her job and her book is the most boring book ever and is going nowhere.

To cope with her jumbled situations, she travels to unravel the history of her ancestors. There she gets to know an extraordinary sioux woman Wachiwi.

Briggitte completely falls in love with her brave and beautiful ancestor and finally this journey leads her to Marc, the love of her life.

I liked the character of Wachiwi!! She is strong, brave, courageous, and warm and caring at the same time. I also liked how Briggitte’s and Marc’s sweet love story develops.
The only thing I felt odd is the repetitiveness that I find usual in Danielle Steel’s writing. 

Overall, "Legacy" is an intriguing, engaging and very interesting read!!

I received this copy from Random Reads, official blog of Random House India for an unbiased review. 


  1. Though I love reading 17th and 18th century books but only Indian fiction. I kind of like that era.. you know the types given in Malgudi days :)

    Danielle Steel surely has a way of creating some wonderful stories.. I like the narrative style the most in all the books.

    Nice review

  2. Thanks Me! It's a nice book indeed:)

  3. I have chanced upon this book but could not read it....

  4. Attention -catching review,Tarang.Though I can spend time less in reading,reviews stimulate me to read something.

  5. @ Shalet Jimmy: You should read this. It's really nice. Thanks for visiting:)

    @ Rudraprayaga: Yes, it's a nice read:)

  6. I did not like it, actually I am not a fan of Danielle Steel's writing style.

    1. Same here! I also don't like Danielle Steel's writing style (As I have written in the review)and I don't understand how she's such a big name...But I liked this one. Actually I liked the central character so much!
      Thanks for visiting:)