Saturday, December 15, 2012

Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella


Finished reading another novel by Sophie Kinsella.

Twenties Girl tells a cute story about Lara and her over demanding great-aunt Sadie. It also focuses on family bond.

27 years old Lara runs a recruitment company with her so-called best friend Natalie. Natalie, the smarter one vanishes for a holiday without caring about their business and Lara is left alone and troubled. To enhance her agony, her boyfriend Josh ends their relationship.

Meanwhile, her great aunt Sadie, whom Lara has never known, dies at the age of 105. In the funeral the ghost of Sadie, interestingly in her twenties, suddenly appears in front of Lara demanding her necklace without which she cannot rest. Initially, Lara desperately wants to get rid of her but Sadie wouldn’t give up. She keeps haunting her.

In an irritating yet exciting journey with her guardian angel as Sadie calls herself, Lara’s life changes completely. Sadie forces Lara to do things as per her interests. She helps Lara in many ways but never forgets to nudge for her demands. Lara finds her love of life, Ed, because of her. She comes to know some really interesting facts about Sadie and gradually develops a strong bond with her guardian angel.
It’s a cute ghost story, packed with Sophie Kinsella style humour. Sadie is an interesting character though she is irksome sometimes. Their compatibility is really interesting and some incidents are funny that you can always expect from Sophie Kinsella.

Overall, what can you say about a huge book with 435 pages that you can finish without getting bored? It’s indeed a nice read but I’ll have to admit that I've got your number was much better…undoubtedly.

I received this book from Random House India  for an unbiased review. Thanks Random Reads, official blog of Random House India