Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Perseverance in extreme adversity

We all want to walk on a correct path and lead a peaceful life. But some people fail to think rationally when life gives them a huge jerk.

A man's wife was suffering from Schizophrenia.  She could not do the household chores nor she could take care of her children. Due to her mental status, her house was a complete mess. The man was so frustrated with her behaviour of madness that he tried to kill his children and himself. He survived but lost both his children.

A woman was suffering from a perfect crime everyday and that perfect crime was her husband's domestic violence and adultery. Her husband threatened her to kill. He did not want to give any share of the business.  She cared for her children and did not want to lose her business that she worked hard to establish as her husband did not bother to take care of anything except different women. She chose to kill her husband to get rid of her problems.

There are countless such real life cases. Is destroying everything really the only way to gain peace? It is very important to find a way rationally when life becomes unfair.   It may be difficult to find sometimes but there must be some key to solve your problems. You can't just escape. Escaping is the easiest way and life is not so easy. It is completely understandable that those who go through difficult phase know better but  I often think is it really impossible to find a sensible way out of the troubles? We can at least try to shape our life a bit differently by putting some logical efforts in it.

Never lose your conscience: Conscience is something that people tend to lose when life pours innumerable troubles but keeping it intact is a difficult yet wise thing we can do in our lives. It can prevent us to go on a wrong path. It reminds us to do correct thing no matter how difficult the situations are.

Comparing yourself with others is silly: We all have our own lives. Different from each other. People tend to compare themselves with others without knowing fully that what they're going through. They tend to see the outer picture. Maybe others are having a fabulous time but you have got your own share, better than many other people. Try to enjoy that and try to be content with what you have.

Recognize and trust your capabilities: Many people keep tolerating troubles and injustice without fighting. They think they are not capable enough to do something substantial against the odds, accepting them as their fate. At least try. Guarantee of eradicating the pain is perhaps beyond reach but trying is absolutely within your reach. Remember, if you are capable enough to tolerate them you can fight as well.

Patience & Hope: These are the keys for success. Always hold the hands of patience and hope to follow the three previous points. They can make you waiting. Sometimes you may get irritated but they can do wonders too. They can keep you going, keeping you level-headed.


  1. Great tips, Tarang. Wonderful words of wisdom...!!

  2. The logic in this is vivid.Nice.Different people take different routes to approach a problem.Some:Oh!this.This is silly.Some others:This much! Grave. What to do? In that case problem is Himalayan.