Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Secret Wish List: by Preeti Shenoy

I regularly read Preeti Shenoy's blog and I really like her writing style. Hence I've picked her books "Life is what you make it" and "Tea for two and a piece of cake" (National Bestsellers) to read and enjoyed them. Her latest book "The Secret Wish List" has been released recently and is getting nice reviews like her previous books.

I received this copy from the publisher, as my entry has been chosen in the Wishlist Wednesday, a prompt post being conducted on her blog. I would like to thank Preeti Shenoy and Westland!

The back cover says: Does true love really exist or is it just a cliche? Can a kiss change your life? The book unveils these questions.

Preeti Shenoy's latest book tells about following your heart and fulfilling your wishes. Diksha is a simple homemaker, a dutiful wife to an insensitive man, a caring mother of an intelligent son and a nice daughter-in-law of an understanding woman. In her fifteen years of forced and unexciting marriage she has done everything except glancing towards her own desires.

Nudged by her cousin Vibha, who prompts her to chase her own desires, Diksha creates her Secret Wishlist (!!). But she folds & puts that in an imaginary jar, thinking that that's just a list and her 'secret' wishes are never going to be fulfilled though she yearns to break the monotony of her life.

An unexpected encounter with her childhood best friend and her long lost teenage love, stir her teenage memories and upend her life entirely. She is overwhelmed as many pleasant and thrilling surprises are waiting to greet her like a breath of fresh air!

Is her secret wishlist going to fill her life with excitement & bliss? Is she confident enough to embrace them for lifetime? For this you'll have to read the book.

This book is an interesting blend of teenage crush, tolerance, desires, friendship, love and self-discovery.

Like her other books, The Secret Wishlist was a smooth and entertaining read. I particularly like her easy and crisp narration, the way she defines her characters and situations, so lifelike. An interesting and gripping read, undoubtedly!


  1. Thank you for this review,Tarang and I would be reading that in spite of my limited leisure time.

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