Thursday, December 12, 2013

Book-Review: Dear Life by Alice Munro

Alice Munro is a BIG BIG name in the writing world! To get in touch with her you can follow her Facebook Page.

Dear life (I so liked the title!) is a collection of 14  stories with nice themes.

I don't need to say anything about the writing of the author; or about the beauty of  those lovely words but I felt they were a little old-fashioned and dark . Stories are very narrative. I felt that I was hearing a story from someone as they didn't give me any chance to unfold the story myself. And right there they didn't work for me.

Although the pace of the stories is good but I think the execution lacks fluidity. Sometimes, I felt that 'Are they really going anywhere?' Though they have nice and even touching themes, I found the structure of the stories very plain.

If you like reading classic stories, it could be a perfect read for you!

There is a beautiful touch of innocence in the narration and I really liked it! Feelings of the characters are beautifully sketched!!

My favourite stories in the book would be "To Reach Japan", "The Eye" and "Dear Life". (Actually, all the stories written in the first person are nice)

Overall, I would say (It may sound weird to you) it was an average read for me. But I would say that getting a chance to read Alice Munro is a matter of pride and an opportunity itself, and you should not miss the opportunity!

I'm thankful to Random House India! (Visit Random Reads, official blog of RHI) for giving me this opportunity!:)

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  1. I recently read 'Amundsen' and 'Runaway'. I really liked the way she has crafted Amundsen with such attention to every detail of the characters that even a tiny action has such deep implications. The characters she created lingers in the mind long after reading the story.