Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Author's Interview: In conversation with Madhuri Banerjee


Today, I'm in conversation with Madhuri Banerjee, author of Three Bestselling Novels. She is now ready with her new novel "Advantage Love" (Rupa Publications) which is going to release soon.

You can pre-order "Advantage Love" here

First of all, a very warm welcome to my blog.

Thank you

Please share something about you with your fans. 

I’m a foodie. Even though I exercise every day I love good food and surrender to my palate. I love fashion as well but I’m not a slave to it. I enjoy helping people and always respond to my fans. But I get upset when people take advantage of me. I expect people who love me to buy my books. I’m disappointed when they don’t.

Why do you write? Was it a dream you've nurtured always?

 It’s the only passion I have that fulfills me. Writing really isn’t a dream. It’s a core value I have. Without it, I would be nothing and no one.

Your books are generally based on relationships. What’s your take on a healthy relationship in real life?

 A healthy relationship commands love, respect, and honesty. There is tremendous support by both partners for each other’s dreams and they share intrinsic values that keep them together.

You are doing a project on relationship powered by Revlon. Please share something about this project? 

It’s a new campaign that Revlon has started called CHOICES. Each month for the next one year they will have different topics pertaining to women and their choices. They started with Relationships as it was extremely important to women today. I’m chosen as their Key Opinion Leader on the subject. I’ve written 3 articles for them which are on my blog and had 2 Twitter chats with the hash tag #AskRevlon to discuss relationship issues. I’m honoured to be part of this international brand and this new campaign.

What “Advantage Love” is about? It sounds different from your other books. 

Advantage Love is about a woman who comes from small town India to join a reputed university in Delhi to make something of herself. However, she falls in love with a politician and her dreams get side tracked. After a heartbreak she begins to join the pieces of her life, when love re-enters along with an ex flame. Suddenly she needs to choose whom she wants to be with and where she wants to take her career. It’s a book for the youngsters in our country who are grappling with ideas of self identity, relationships and career choices. It has a lot of fun dialogues and spicy scenes! 

This sounds interesting! Would you like to share something about your future projects?

I’m working on a book called My Clingy Girlfriend. It’s a story from a male point of view about relationships. I’ve written it from a guy’s angle of how he’s stuck in a dead end job with a clingy girlfriend and how he changes both of them around in his life.

What do you think about:
 "Too much grammatical corrections & accuracy 
 And usage of tough, decorative and unusual words in writing?"
Do they enhance the beauty of writing or take away the essence of writing?

It depends on the type of book you’re writing and which genre. Grammar is most necessary. Spelling mistakes are a strict no-no in books. But the language can be different according to your target audience and the way you write.

Where do you get your inspiration from? Do follow any strict writing schedule? 

I get my inspiration from people around me. Listening is essential in a writer’s life. The more you soak in, the more your imagination flows.

I don’t follow a strict writing schedule but I find myself able to write better at night after my daughter falls asleep.

Any words of encouragement for aspiring writers who crave and struggle to get into the ‘published author world’?

Read as much as you can. Understand grammar and spelling. Write the novel out and invest in a good editor. Take their suggestions. Re-write. Only then, submit to a publisher. Chances are if it’s a unique idea, you’ve got an offer in the mail!

Nice & helpful tips for aspiring writers! Writing a book is a huge task but getting a suitable publisher is the toughest nut to crack. What’s your take? 

So true. I’ve made pitch after pitch that has got rejected. It just makes me work harder.

Your favourite Book – Author – Genre? 

The Lowland by Jhumpa Lahiri. Does the genre ever matter if you love the novel?

You’re an active blogger. What’s your idea about blogging?

Blogging is my space where I can talk about things that are important to me. I can share my world with people on the internet. Money that a publisher is giving or critics who are judging my piece do not govern it. I post pictures, articles, reviews, tips and advice on relationships on my blog. It’s my direct access to people. I love blogging!

 It's an absolute pleasure to have you here! Thanks for your precious time. I wish you all the best for your future projects!

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