Saturday, February 15, 2014

Book - Review: Falling by Emma Kavanagh

"Falling" a psychological murder mystery, is the debut work of Emma Kavanagh, a police psychologist herself!

First of all, I really liked the book cover and "A Town in Mourning, A Murder in Waiting" written over it!

I'm not fond of murder mysteries but the term 'psychology' interests me and that's why I picked this book to read.

The story starts with a plane crash, and Cecilia, the flight attendant,  is one of the survivors, who has left her husband and son without saying a goodbye.

Jim's missing daughter's body is found dead and Tom, Cecilia's husband, a detective constable investigates the case. On the other hand Freya's life may turn upside down when she discovers some secret about his father, who is now dead in the plane crash.

The book is written from the points of view of every key character of the story, making different, parallel yet interconnected stories run. It's a smart work by Emma Kavanagh as a debut author. The book is written crisply, conjoining the different characters and their shocking stories.

Although, I'm not a fan of murder mystery, I strongly recommend this book to those who like reading murder mystery, suspense or crime thrillers! This book can be an interesting and gripping read, that not only covers murders and investigations but some peculiar aspects of life!

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I thank Random House India (Random reads) for sending me a review copy for an honest review.

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